Marriage and Parents | A Recipe For Disaster or Success | Part one

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By Pure Matrimony -

Do your parents put the pressure on as soon as a good marriage proposal comes through?

Are your parents forcing you into marrying someone you really don’t want to?

Do you feel as if your parents aren’t supporting you in your quest to find someone?

Or are they simply taking over the wedding preparations?
And what exactly does Islam say about parental involvement in the marital process?

Find out in our webinar: ‘Marriage and Parents – A Recipe for Disaster or Success?’ where we will insha’Allah help you understand the following:

• Why you need a wali, as well as who does and who doesn’t
• Your rights when choosing a spouse for yourself
• How to deal with difficult parents or ones who won’t listen
• The problems which occur when parents force their children into marriage
• How your parents should support you throughout the marital process
• The role of your parents AFTER the marriage has taken place

It doesn’t matter if you’ve found someone or are still looking, your parents have rights over you as much as you have rights over them.

So, if you’ve always wanted to know exactly how much your parents need to be involved in the marriage process, then join us for this webinar

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