Would You Marry Someone Who Is ‘Different’?

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By Pure Matrimony -

So here’s a question for you – would you consider someone who doesn’t necessarily fit the ‘norms’ of your culture or society?

Getting married to the right person who fears Allah is such a HUGE blessing

Because not only are you securing your happiness in this life.

But you’re also working towards building your akhirah and securing the future of the Ummah through righteous children.

Specifically, would you consider any of the following?

  1. A divorcee
  2. A single parent
  3. Someone who is widowed
  4. A person much older than you
  5. A revert
  6. Someone who is unable to have kids
  7. Someone with a disability

The reality is, that marrying any of the above fits right in with the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW.

And that of the pious predecessors. 

Khadija RA was not only 15 years older than the Prophet SAW, but she was also divorced with children from a previous marriage.

The Prophet SAW was 25 years old, young, handsome, strong and had a lot to offer.

In reality, he could have married any single woman younger than him

But he chose an older single mother who also happened to be one of the wealthiest women in Arabia at the time.

The interesting thing to note is that throughout his marriage to Khadija RA, the Prophet SAW remained loyal to her.

He loved her like he loved no other and her memory was enough to make Aisha RA jealous of her!

After her death, the Prophet SAW took many wives – many of which today would be considered out of the norm for most men.

Our history is littered with examples of marriages which didn’t fit the ‘norm’ and in this is a huge lesson for the believers – regardless of whether you’re a man or woman.

The truth is, happiness is rooted in character not status – and this is something that the Prophet SAW knew better than anyone.

Sometimes goodness is perfectly within your reach if you just open your mind.

It may be that Allah loves you so much for stepping outside your comfort zone that he blesses you with a happiness you may never have attained otherwise.

So the next time you come to know of someone who you might otherwise have passed up. Pause.

Take the time to find out a little more about them – it may be that they could very well be the one for you!

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