Muslim men and Women in today’s world

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha



Q1. What is the difference between Muslim men and women and other religious men and women without the identification of religion? 

Q2. What is the special quality in Muslim women and men?

Q3. Does the nickname affect the religion of Muslim men and women?

Q4. Are you shy to tell that you are a Muslim?

Q5. Do you want to adapt to the lifestyle as per the changes in society? 



 If you notice human beings without knowing their name or religion, you might feel confused to which religion they belong to, for instance, in a group of 10 men if they ask to select only Muslim men it might be very confusing.

For example, in those days they differentiated the men with their discipline and morals. Because our religion teaches us different morals and ethics, which will resemble in attitude.

The way they walk, talk, eat, sit and stand, everything will be different. It is because of their firm and strong Taqwah which habituated them.

But in this world, it’s difficult to select who is Muslim and non-Muslim. Especially in youths, we are easily getting adapted to this world. We are caring so much for this world, but not to the hereafter.

What is the special quality of a Muslim?

Muslim men in those days feared for Allah’s wrath and punishments, moreover, they were afraid of hellfire. Though their taqwa and obedience were far better than ours. 

But in this filthy world, we commit lots of mistakes but still; we give less time for us to repent. We are shy, abashed, afraid for people who don’t even bother or think about us in their free time.

Perhaps today’s world uses us like plastic glass-like use and throw. Additionally, we try to butter and impress them through our work and beauty.

Have we really tried being honest in our God? How many times we promise people that we will finish this job at this time and work hard for it. But have we done that to Allah? Have we promised Allah that we will not follow this particular job any more?

Did we try to impress him, even to Allah we try to be selfish because we want Heaven but not hellfire? In this world, we are working for a particular job to get satisfied as well to get a promotion, impress our boss by working hard.

When we are impressing our boss and others, why are we not impressing Allah through lots of Ibadah and being kind to parents and spouse?

So your discipline and moral ethics should be perfect, which will demonstrate that you are a Muslim.

The Special quality which Muslim men and women have is born as a Muslim. Allah has chosen as a Muslim to make our path facile. How many people in this world follow other religions? We should be blessed that we are born to Muslim parents. That is our special Quality.

Next Quality is Allah is One we don’t have confusion. But in other religions, they have at least 2-3 Gods, which we don’t have. Allah is one, he does not have parents, children nor spouse. He is the one and only One.

So we are not confused to follow Allah. He has guided us to the straight path with no fitnah.

Your name is your identity.

Usually, during schooling and the workplace, people might abbreviate or mock our names. It is common. 

But do not encourage people by mocking and abbreviating your names. Because if your name is one name of Allah, prophets or Sahabas, then it gets spoiled.

Do not get ashamed when people pronounce your name wrongly. Because they do not belong to your religion, nor they have knowledge of the Arabic language.

But try to make your name get soaked in their mind, correct your mistakes. Because in the Arabic language if you change the spelling then the whole meaning changes. For example Kalbun, Qalbun.

Sahabas were very bold, the way they walk and talk will be very bold. They were proud and confident in their religion. Their shoulders and chest were erect when they faced the enemies.

So we should be really confident and brave. The confidence will only come when we have a strong faith and taqwa on Allah. Never be shy to reveal your religion.

Adapting to the lifestyle of today’s world is clueless. Haram things are taken as Halal things. The things which were not prohibited by Allah are prohibited by us.

To be very frank, we should not be extremists, too much of anything is worthless.


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