Do Not Curse or Abuse Others

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A person can say anything when they are angry – without truly understanding the consequences of their actions. This includes cursing, swearing, verbally abusing and slandering or backbiting others out of anger.

However, our deen takes a very firm few on all of these things and sternly advises against it.

The Prophet SAW said:

“A believer is never a person who scoffs at others, calls them names, or utters vulgar and obscene phrases” [Tirmithi]

In another hadith, the Prophet SAW said:

“The one who starts abusing his fellow Muslim and calling him names bears the sin of both, unless the abused person uses more vulgar phrases than the first” [Muslim]

Imaam Al-Nawawi explained this prophetic saying as thus: “This means that the person who starts insulting a Muslim or calling him names will bear the sin incurred by such an act for both of them, unless the second party uses more severe and vulgar phrases than the first”.

If someone slanders another Muslim with that which is not true, then they will be held to severe account for it on the day of Judgement:

The Prophet SAW said: “If a person accused his slave of adultery, he will be punished with the retribution set by Allaah on the Day of Judgment unless his slave is really an adulterer.”  [Bukhaari & Muslim]

Therefore, be careful in how you deal with people. And the best of people are those with the best of manners and who restrain their anger. May Allah SWT make us of those who have these beautiful traits ameen.


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