Nothing Happens Without The Will of Allah

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By Pure Matrimony -

Here’s a beautiful reminder to everyone about how your good deeds or lack of them will directly affect EVERY single thing you do in this life:

Allah (SWT) said, “O my servants! You want and I want, but nothing will happen except what I want. If you do what I want then i’ll give you what you want, but if you disobey me in what I want, then i’ll make you struggle in what you want, and in the end nothing will happen except what I want.” [Hadith Al-Qudsi]

Subhan’Allah! A profoundly deep hadith which proves that nothing we put our efforts into will happen as we want unless Allah wills it to happen. This is ultimate proof that we plan, but Allah is the BEST of Planners!

The big takeaway here is that if you love Allah and do as He commands you to do, Allah will give you all you ask for – and this may mean that sometimes our duas take time, but they DO get answered.

This is why those who are serious about being good Muslims have success in both this world and the next – while those who simply chase the dunya lose in this life and the next. They are never truly happy from the inside because they are trying to fill a void in their life which can never be filled with ‘things’.

May Allah SWT make us all from amongst those who remember Allah often and obey Him so we attain  success in this life and the next ameen.

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