One Apple Leads To His Marriage. A Beautiful Story!

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One of our pious predecessors, Thabit Bin Nu’man, was hungry and tired as he was passing through a garden that bordered a river. He was so hungry that he could hear his stomach growling, and so his eyes became fixed on the fruits he saw on the various trees of the garden. In a fit of desperation, he forgot himself and extended his hand to an apple that was within reach. He ate half of it and then drank water from the river. But then he became overcome with guilt, despite the fact that he had only eaten because of dire need.

He said to himself, “Woe unto me! How can I eat someone else’s fruits without his permission? I make it binding upon myself not to leave this place until I find the owner of this garden and ask him to forgive me for having eaten one of his apples.“

After a brief search, he found the owner’s house. He knocked on the door and the owner of the garden came out and asked him what he wanted.

Thabit Bin Nu’man said, “I entered your garden that borders the river, and I took this apple and ate half of it. Then I remembered it does not belong to me, and so I ask you now to excuse me for having eaten it and to forgive me for my mistake.“

The man said, “On one condition only I will forgive you for your mistake.“

Thabit Bin Nu’man asked, “And what is that condition?“

He said, “That you marry my daughter.“

Thabit Bin Nu’man said, “I will marry her.“

The man said, “But heed you this; indeed my daughter is blind, she does not see; mute, she does not speak;deaf, she does not hear.“

Thabit Bin Nu’man began to ponder over his situation; a difficult predicament indeed did he find himself in now; what should he do? Not get out of it, thought Thabit, for he realised that to be tested by such a woman, to take care of her, and to serve her, are all better than to eat from the foul matter of the Hellfire as a reward for the apple that he ate. And after all, the days of this world are limited.

And so he accepted the condition to mary the girl, seeking his reward from Allaah, Lord of all that exists. He was nonetheless somewhat anxious in the days prior to the marriage.

He thought, “How can I have sexual relations with a woman who neither speaks nor sees nor hears?“

So miserable did he become that he almost wished for the earth to swallow him up before the appointed date.

Yet despite such apprehensions, he placed his complete trust upon Allaah and he said, “There is neither might nor power except with Allaah. Indeed to Allaah do we belong and indeed to Him shall we al return.“

On the day of the marriage he saw her for the first time. She stood up before him and said, “Peace, mercy and blessings of Allaah be upon you.“

When he saw her grace and beauty, he was reminded of what he would see when he would imagine the fair maidens of paradise (i.e., the gorgeous hoor al-ayn). After a brief pause he said, “What is this? She indeed speaks, hears and sees.” He then told her what her father said earlier.

She said, “My father has spoken the truth. He said I was mute because I do not speak any forbidden word, and I have never spoken to any man who is not lawful to me (i.e., she has never spoken to any ghair mahrams)! And I am indeed deaf in the sense that I have never sat in a gathering in which there is backbiting, slander, or false and vain speech! And I am indeed blind, in the sense that I have never looked upon a man who is not permissible for me!“

Noble reader, reflect on and learn a lesson from this story!

My brothers in Islaam, see how much he feared Allaah, and how much he had his trust in Allaah, and where this got him!

My sisters in Islaam, see how this woman kept herself chaste, pious, in her hijaab, so much so, she was considered mute (not speaking to any man), deaf (avoiding places of backbiting) and blind (not seeing any man). Allaahu Akbar, isn’t it these qualities that pious men love to see in their wives? Nay; aren’t these qualities all men (Muslim and non-Muslims) wish to see in their wives? Isn’t it these qualities that give men the crave and yearn to meet their hoor al-ayn in jannah?

The fruit of this marriage was the birth of a child who grew up to be known as Imaam Abu Haneefah.

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23 Comments to One Apple Leads To His Marriage. A Beautiful Story!

  1. This was a wonderful story, Thanx 4 sharing this!! May Allah grant us all to follow his path and become better muslims! (Ameen)

  2. This is the story of the parents of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani’s Noble parents , please do not confuse the two stories

  3. Maryam alKorji

    This story disturbes me. Yes, hanging out with non-maharams is forbidden, and rightly so, but women have minds and ideas that are useful to the community. Didn’t the Prophet speak to women and advise them while still observing rules of chastity? Within the Masjid and the community women should be allowed to participate in group discussions and lessons just as much as men.

    To me this story said women are to be seen and not heard and there is NO Islamic basis for that. Women are to be chaste, not mute ghosts trapped in their homes with no life outside their family. Poor girl.

    • I completely agree with you Maryam. And i’m sorry but the man was upset because he was wondering how he could have sexual intercourse with a women who’s blind and deaf? sex object much?

      • I agree qith you both about the 1st point about women being “muted ghosts”

        I howeve would ask you to consider the following:

        1- that was a very long time ago and the customs of the place time, habits and practices of the people were much different than we find today… So it may not have been strange for a women to stay inside the house all day every day.

        2- imagine urself preparing to marry someone blind deaf and mute, would you not have concerns or get cold feet? The fact that the author brought sexual relations into this is the author’s own doing. I have heard this story before but instead he was concerned with how he’d live with her on a day to day basis, which makes sense.

  4. I agree with Maryam’s comments. There are just some things that are not feasible to do in the 21st century. I have not met a man yet who wanted to marry a girl who couldn’t talk to his friends, or one who isnt capable of working and is independent in voicing her opinions and thoughts.
    It is a wonderful story alhamdulillah, but dunno how much it applies in today’s times.

    • Linda Abbott Parsons

      Sign of the times. This is the 21st century, and Christians are going through things like this too. Women have rights and we should speak up for them.

  5. read again the story then comment not deaf in sense that she is not hearing not blind because she is not seeing and not mute because she is not speaking she may speak useful things in community or society ..understanding is everything may Allah gave us rightous womens that can understand even a plain text full of meaningful story

  6. mohd yaqub

    This is the story of the parents of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani’s Noble parents , please do not confuse the two stories and if you do not have good Islamic knowledge please do not share this kinds of story. please do not make confusion… jazakalllahu lhairan

    • Ameena Aboobacker

      I have just thoroughly read multiple websites in Arabic. All of them confirm that this is the story of Thabit Ibn Nouman and his wife, who are Imam Abu Haneefa’s parents. Not even one website in Arabic mentions this as about Abdul Qadir Jilani’s parents. I have noticed that Arabic websites are authentic as compared to websites of other languages, where plenty of changes and incidents are distorted. May Allah (SWT) grant hidayah to all. If anyone needs the websites, I can provide the details.

  7. Brendon Palmer

    I really don’t see the reason as to why people are making a big fuss over this story. It’s only a story that doesn’t have a sanad I mean, anyone could make up a story. There is no way of proving if it’s authentic or not and it’s simply trying to drive a good point home.
    And as for the part of him contemplating how he’d even have relations with his future wife well then that’s just the way every guy that wants to get married thinks.

  8. Jalal Quadri

    This incident belongs to Hazrath Syedi Abdul Khader AlJilani RA, parents and is in record in several ancient books. It could be repeated with others personalities such as Abu Hanifa R.a. There is no need to get confused on such incidents rather to focus on the level of their piety. However, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Hazrath Syedi Nouman ibn Sabith also known as Abu Hanifa and Imam Azam R.a. who too has contributed significantly with his piety, knowledge of Fiqh and understandings of Quran and Ihadith-e-Mubaraka. If anyone is interested to learn more about these two personalities, please contact me at SJQuadri at, I will share valid information with them through compilations in PDF format. Jalal Quadri

  9. mashallah heart touching story . may allah help us to Learning Islam Islam is the very peacefull Religan in world

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