Online Islamic Matrimonial meet for Single Muslims [ India ]

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By Pure Matrimony -

The Largest Online Muslim Matrimony Meet – First of its Kind [ Pure Matrimony India ]

Finding a spouse is one of the hardest, most time-consuming and costly things you’ll ever do in your life and it’s often an emotionally drawn-out process which can take many months or even years at a time.

We understand that life for our brothers and sisters is moving in the fast lane and this is one of the main reasons why the search for their soul mate takes longer than imagined.

Think about it – each time you arrange to meet a prospective spouse, you spend days or weeks going back and forth with the family, exchanging details and arranging meetings.

In fact, 1 in 5 people are now finding their spouse online and so can you!

And we want to prove it to you with not one but TWO fantastic gifts.

GIFT 1 Online Muslim Meet Event brings to its Indian users a perfect Islamic platform for Practising Muslims to come together and find their Pure match from India in an Online Event like never before.

The ‘Online Meet’ is the first of its kind and considered to be the biggest online Muslim matrimonial event ever.

Organized and moderated by the Pure Matrimony Team at absolutely ZERO cost to you, giving YOU the opportunity to find your future partner insha’Allah.

And the best part? You’ll be effortlessly working towards Jannah from the comfort of your own home along with your family.

So Why Should You Attend This Event ?

  • Completely in order with Islamic guidelines
  • Hundreds of Thousands of potential partners in One place at the same time
  • Interact with unlimited members increasing your chance of finding your pure match for this life and the next insha’Allah
  • Live moderation of conversations, profiles & photos by our moderation team to prevent violation of the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW who said that when a man and a woman are alone, the third person is Shaytaan (Bukhari)
  • The Chances of finding Your Pure match is high as there hundreds other online at the same time – so faster responses
  • Wali Friendly – you can include your wali so they feel completely part of the process from start to finish
  • Matches from the same Islamic institute as yours (IOU & AlKauthar for India currently)
  • Free Ebooks on for How to have Safe and Islamic online match making and Frequently asked questions [ We request you to read these ebooks before you start your search on our website ]

So what makes us Pure ? Read the Answer here :

So what makes us Different ? Read the Answer here :

Who Can Attend This Event ?

If  you’re a practicing Muslim from India and want to marry a PIOUS spouse the HALAL way then you are most welcome to register with us and attend this event

When Does The Event Take Place?

The event takes place on January 19th 2014 from 2-4pm India Standard Time (IST) and we recommend that you login to your account beforehand so you are ready to go when we begin.


How do I attend this Event ?Online matchmaking event - general post-01

  1. Register NOW at (If you are already registered then skip this step)
  2. Upload your recent photos & write as much as possible about yourself in your ‘about me’ and ‘looking for’ sections because your text will help attract suitors as we do not allow your photos to be displayed by default. We give equal opportunities to all based on righteous character and behaviour rather than looks and status, but you can absolutely share photos once you have established compatibility with someone
  3. Visit your upgrade page to subscribe (If you are already a subscribed member then you can skip this step)
  4. We request the sisters to please kindly add your Wali details to allow brothers to contact them directly, please be honest with this as this is for YOUR safety, For more information, please visit
  5. Once you subscribe, you will have unlimited access to thousands of profiles across the globe and can search your partner
  6. For this particular Event you will need to be logged in on 19th January from 2-4PM IST (we recommend you login well before time and have a reminder or calendar entry saved )

 What can I do during the Event ?

  1. There will be many others online at the same time as you, so ensure you respond to any requests instantly and don’t ignore if you are not interested  – instead politely decline and make dua for the person
  2. You will have access to unlimited profiles and no limit on the messages you can exchange with each other
  3. Start inviting profiles you find match your looking for criteria and start exchanging messages with them to check if they are compatible
  4. You can request to the see their photos (We request brothers to kindly give access to their photos first before asking to see the sisters)
  5. You will be allowed to exchange contact details only if the Moderators are sure both parties have checked mutual compatibility through conversations
  6. Brothers will be allowed to exchange contact details immediately if you directly contact the wali of the sister, For details visit:

We aim to provide every practicing single muslim with the means to find a compatible spouse and empower them to establish a successful marriage based on true Islamic principles, resulting in a prosperous family unit . To experience all the benefits and features that you will only find at Pure Matrimony, subscribe now and start searching for your pure match today.

GIFT 2 – 70% OFF A Subscription To Pure Matrimony

 We want you to succeed in finding a suitable spouse Insha’Allah, so we’ve got a very special Gift for you – A special Gift code  PMIGIFT70 for Indian users to get a 70% OFF on our Subscription prices valid until 15th January  .

Sharing gifts is a sunnah, so make sure you tell your loved ones too! This offer is valid until 15th Jan 2014 only, so make sure you take advantage of it now!

Watch The video Below to Know more About Pure Matrimony

So can you afford to miss this event ?

For any further Queries , details , FAQs please visit our helpdesk or email at

Don’t delay and make sure you’re part of the matchmaking event of the year!

PS – We’ve introduced new payment options for our Indian users to make it easy for YOU. Please visit the Account Upgrade screen . You can also view our helpdesk


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