Beautify Yourself for Your Husband

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Source : The Muslim woman makes herself beautiful for her husband by means of make-up, clothing, etc. In this way she will appear more beautiful and attractive to him,...

Family life

Wali in Islam

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What is a Wali? Protector, Guardian, Supporter, Helper, Friend etc.  [plural ‘Auliyâ]  see 33:17 The wali is the represention/mediator/guardian for women seeking marriage. Who Needs a Wali for Marriage? Men...


Single Ever After

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Single Ever After The grass is no more greener on the other side” married women often tell their single sisters. Whilst women will forever debate the pros and cons of...


The Art of Living With Your In-Laws

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The Art of Living With Your In-Laws With my in-laws back living with me alhamdulillah, it took me to thinking about living harmoniously and issues of control, privacy and co-operation....


The Concept of True Love In Islam

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The concept of true love in Islam No religion urges its followers to adopt mutual love, affection and intimacy like the religion of Islam. This should be the case at...


24 Safety Tips for Muslim Women

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24 Safety Tips for Muslim Women Muslims and their institutions are expected to become targets of harassment due to Islamaphobeia spreading in the West. Muslim women, especially those who dress...


My Big Fat Haraam Wedding

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My Big Fat Haraam Wedding In order to get married we may get tempted to do things, which will displease Allah (swt). In order to find the right person we...


60 Ways to Keep Your Husband's Love

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60 Ways to Keep Your Husband’s Love 1.Behave like a female, i.e. all the tenderness of a female–a man doesn’t want a man for his wife! 2.Dress pleasantly/attractively. If you...