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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Abdul Wadud


Bil Keane, an American cartoonist once drew a beautiful strip. It portrayed “love” that is rooted deep and reaching wide. The strip mirrored his own at-home adventure. His better half, Telma was like a garden filled with affection. They had four children with small age gap. Their’s was a beautiful house filled with joy and love. The cartoon scribbled a young lady surrounded with her four children, carrying a shopping bag on her one hand and a handbag on the other. Seeing this, another lady asks her “How do you divide love among four children?” That courageous mother replied like this: “I don’t divide it, I multiply it.”

Through this, the cartoonist illustrates how exquisite should be the sharing of love. These words ride us to the depth of love that augments by giving. The “Love” obscured in everyone is a treasure trove that has many heirs. When we share this abundance without hoarding and curtailing that treasure begins to grow inside us. Love is a unique stroke of fortune likened to the spectacular colors of a rainbow. The love of a parent to child is different from the love of a child to his parents. The love between spouses is unique in a different way. The love we have with family is different from what we share with a friend. Likewise, how many hues are there for the rain of love!

Which is the most special one among the hues of love? The one where nothing to obscure and hoard from each other, and that flourishes in the exquisiteness and profundity!

No doubt, it is the love between couples. The fragrance of love that must reciprocate between partners. It’s the celebration of joy blended in every of word, glance, sight, touch and feel. It is a marvelous bonding that never dwindles despite being together for ages or speaking endlessly. It’s a coterie we long to be with us in our joys and sorrows. It is the sweet pain of reminiscences that live closer to heart despite being miles away. It’s a matchless wonder where a single mind embodies in two different individuals. Or this is how the relationship between couples turns in to an indescribable downpour of love.

Though not a kinship or personal relationship, it is a great wonder that a marital relationship provides much deeper intimacy, bliss and intensity. That’s why Quran counts marriage as the “signs of Allah”. (Quran 30:21).  While spectating the unique awes that show up with the arrival of a spouse in one’s life, remember how meaningful is the remark “Allah’s Signs”. What Quran delineated and Prophet (PBUH) manifested is the love that begins with wedding and discouraged the love that ends with or goes besides wedding. Islam confirms that it’s not a day but a life to celebrate love that every couple needs.

“Your wives are a garment for you, and you are a garment for them.” ( Qur’an 2:187)  

Rainbow-Rose-65663Even at this era, we all experience the profoundness of the vision that Quran comprehended this verse. By using “garments” Quran depicts that the relationship among the spouses should be so intense that there is nothing to hide from one another just as we don’t hide anything from the garment we wear. Think about the deepness of the usage “garments” as we live in a world where there are husbands who do not dare to leave their mobile phones with wife or wives who do not have the courage to share their facebook password with husband!

 Let the spring of love blossom in our lives. Let us paint the celebration of love, by being with her, speaking, traveling, praising, joking, cuddling and exchanging gifts and the words of love with her, despite our busy schedules and making her feel that “I am there for you”.
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