Paradise Is Guaranteed For The One Who…

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By Pure Matrimony -

Attaining paradise can be as easy as abandoning certain behaviors and elevating others, as the following hadith explains:

Abu Umamah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, I guarantee a house on the outskirts of Paradise for one who abandons arguments even if he is right, and a house in the middle of Paradise for one who abandons lies even when joking, and a house in the highest part of Paradise for one who makes his character excellent.’ 

[Abu Dawud]

In another narration, the Prophet SAW said: ‘On the Day of Judgment the dearest and closest to me, as regards my company, will be those persons who will bear the best moral character. Those among you, who talk with affectation and are given to boasting, will be the most repugnant to me and farthest from me on the Day of Judgment.’


Therefore, always seek to be the best person you can be, guard your tongue and your manners and work hard at correcting your character flaws and paradise will be yours Insha’Allah!

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