TIP OF THE WEEK: Seek To Possess These Qualities Loved By Allah SWT

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By Pure Matrimony -

Ibn ‘Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said to Ashaj Abdul-Qais (May Allah be pleased with him), “You possess two qualities that Allah loves. These are clemency and tolerance.” [Muslim].

Tolerance can mean among other things;  the acceptance of different views,  tolerating somebody / something or even enduring hardship. Clemency can translate into the showing of mercy or compassion.

Our tolerance levels can waver when facing different situations, challenges and at different times in our lives, as can our ability to show mercy and compassion.

Possessing the opposites of these qualities would be deemed negative and work against us.  We’ve all heard the saying ‘negativity breeds negativity’, this can also be said for positive things. Tolerance breeds tolerance, mercy breeds mercy and compassion breeds compassion.

Have you noticed how when you are tested and you employ tolerance, that your natural inclination is to turn to Allah and beseech Him alone for help? And you will have also noticed that when you have not employed tolerance, you have been subject to your whims to the extent that you are no longer conscious of your actions, perhaps as a result of being too angry. When you do not employ tolerance, you will notice your natural inclination and every thing that comes after this CHOICE you make is nothing but contrary to what Allah would be pleased with.

Clemency or better known as compassion works hand in hand with tolerance. For those who are trailing through life with their default mental state being ‘clemency’ will often show more tolerance when facing a test. This may also be true for those whose default mental state is ‘tolerance’. When this person is tested, the likelihood of them employing clemency during a test is high.

We should use Allah’s (SWT) love of these qualities as incentives to safe guard them if we already possess them and aim to acquire these qualities if we do not have them. May He SWT make it easy for us to possess and maintain both, Ameen.

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