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Author: Sabha


Getting married to the right person at the right moment and at the right age is very important. Because in this world it’s very difficult to get a proper spouse without the help of pure matrimony.

Earlier people were looking only for the character and family. But in today’s world, they look at the beauty, money, family.

Because of these traditions poor black and family status; it’s difficult to find a proper match.

When it comes to boys, today’s girls after watching movies series expect the same kind of boys. Money is not everything. The expectation of high salary, fair and handsome, masculine body, tall personality, abroad settled, quality education,well-settled family, etc… 

When it comes to girls, they search for a good background, fair girl, sharp features, money, education, feminine body, qualification, etc…

What will happen if a girl or boy does not have these features, don’t they have the rights to marry, nor have children? If everyone expects for some kind of alliance what will happen to the rest of youths.

Usually, we give our bio-data to match-makers. Only a few brokers might be honest and share’s good profile and on other hands, in order to get high commissions and payment, they might try to match rich only to rich profile and middle-class profile with the middle class.

The demerits of matchmakers.

Sometimes they might be careless profiles and pictures. In fact, direct contact with the alliance will not be there. It is quite risky to share the profile with others, and the communication will not be that great. It will end up in lots of misunderstanding.

In other ways, few people are very shy to share their profile and pictures. They might not get a proper matchmaker, and most often they might not be honest and careful.

To avoid all these reasons, the pure matrimony which is a guide to single practising Muslims introduced this app only for Muslims.

Moreover, pure matrimony is about simple Nikkah with Islamic Shariah. This app is also available all around the world. The main purpose is because it is culture and country which has separated us and caste and religion which has differentiated us.

Allah says in Surah Hujurat OF mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo!the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware.

The motive of Pure matrimony.

The main purpose of pure matrimony is all around the world is because to show that we Muslims are not divided by the nations, colour and caste.

Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to have a laptop everywhere and since it has a large screen, it may not have privacy and laptop and computers can’t be taken everywhere.

So avoiding these problems, the pure matrimony is available in the play store too. The speed and downloading are fast, the only difference is the big screen and small screen.

Features of Pure Matrimony.

Moreover, the features of pure matrimony are not complicated, even illiterates can use these apps. The option of language is also given.

While pasting the profile in pure matrimony, the questions will be imposed to see whether the person is religious and has good knowledge about Islam.

If a person has any doubts regarding the app, the questions can be posted where the feedback team is ready to answer the questions.

The app is available at any time. Pure matrimony is also the safest app. Because in today’s world, people don’t even trust any online matrimony apps. They feel insecure about sharing their profile and pictures.

So pure matrimony will allow no one to share the pictures, nor the pictures and profiles can be leaked or hacked. 

If at all anyone shares their pictures immediately, pure matrimony gives a warning sign. 

A person can create his/her account with different names. A brief introduction can be given and if at all the introduction is effective and relevant to the thoughts of another person, then you can start with the communication.

If anyone hurts anybody or speaks with vulgar words, the pure matrimony has the complete rights to remove the person profile and delete the account. Moreover, a negative comment on that particular person can also be given by the one who was hurt.

If at all the introduction of a person does not match with the thoughts of another person, they can just avoid the profile and move to the next without hurting anyone by the communication.

This is a great advantage because the profile is not shared nor the pictures and privacy are available.

No Instagram id, Facebook id, WhatsApp number can be shared nor visible until both accept each other.

Initiative of Pure Matrimony.

When Muslim life in a surrounding where he/she does not have any information or shariah pure matrimony helps and teaches them with a tool which has creative articles.

A particular team works on creating articles to ease a person who is confused, depressed and who wants to be the best parents. Different topics are available and the person who is interested in reading articles and feeling like boosting them or the one who is interested in reading and learning can go through this tool.

For example, we have a topic called Relationship issues, where a person can read and understand and try to change his/her attitude after marriage. If anybody wishes to be the best parent according to the Islamic ways, can read the articles by clicking on Parenting.

If a person does not get time to read articles, another option like videos and audios is also available. So that a person while driving or in free time can listen to the audio, video and learn something. 

No charges for articles and even the person who reads can be a next blogger too.

The articles which are the best have a green symbol, orange is intermediate and red for a poor article. 

So that a person who wants to read the article can go through the colour and then start reading. 


Brought to you by Pure Matrimony – The World’s Largest Matrimonial Service For Practising Muslims. If you are single and searching for a practising Muslim spouse online who is also like-minded then download our app which is available for FREE at Google Play Store and Apple App Store ->https://app.purematrimony.com/


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