Ramadan With Little Muslims: Awaiting The Special Guest

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Shohana Khan

Source: www.aaila.org

So I tell the three of them this morning that the most special guest of all will inshaAllah be coming at maghrib. Their aunt? They excitedly ask… I quickly let on it’s not a person (to avoid subsequent deflated hopes) but that it’s the most special guest Allah will invite if He wills. Safa, 8, recalls as you can see on her face, the Prophet’s SAW Ramadan sermon we went over yesterday remembering the words of Rasulullah SAW when he tells us how Allah invites us to this month – And she answers Ramadan!

So to truly invite this guest with a bang we decide on a welcome banner and after much deliberation decide it goes in the living room.

We go over the ayah from the Qur’an itself when Allah SWT talks about the very purpose of this fasting that is obligatory.

O you who believe, fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you may gain taqwa (i.e God consciousness)  Suran Al-Baqara 2:183

We all talk about this special month being one with an objective that our creator has set us – To try to attain taqwa, a love and consciousness of Allah. We talk about how important such a month in the whole year therefore is for us insan,  human beings, who live in this world and are tempted to do all manner of things all the time – shout, argue, disobey parents – and it is only taqwa which protects us from this.  So a month where we are given the opportunity to find and renew this taqwa is a golden ticket. For me I know, bringing them up in a society where there is no reminder to submit to Allah from everywhere in the street to the media – the focus of Ramadan is an important one.

And they appear very excited especially knowing that the Shaytan who is apparently  at the heart of all their bad deeds will be locked away! We will see how the understanding of that pans out….

Anyhow to cement out intentions for the month we did a taqwa path which has the objective of the month as the house at the top, and the path or road to taqwa being Ramadan. Zayd, 4 for whom surahs and tidying up when told was most pressing (perhaps in all honesty for me anyway!) and Yusuf, 6 and Safa 8 who really did think about what they could do to catch some taqwa in this month! The idea is Ramadan has a goal we all want to attain, which can only be achieved by investing in our relationship with Allah in this month.

So with that and a lot of hope and reliance in Allah azza wa jal, we welcome Ramadan!

Ramadan Kareem all.

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