Relationship between mother in law and daughter-in-law.

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Author: Sabha


Relationship between mother in law and daughter in law is endless. Everyone believes that the daughter in law can’t be a daughter. Moreover, mother in law can’t be a mother. This is totally wrong. A relationship between mother in law and daughter in law should be very healthy. Healthy not in the means of fighting or having egos and clashes.

Because of this, couples face many consequences. If a relationship breaks it’s not only because of the couples. But also due to the family members. Family members play a major or important role. If family members are not strong enough and weak. Then there is both disadvantage and advantage in the relationship. Some couples might balance and sacrifice but for others, they can’t tolerate and they end up in a relationship.

A husband can’t always support for a single person. He should be very clear in passing his judgements. A husband should not yell, abuse or raise his hand for solving problems. He should be very kind and gentle. On the other hands, a husband should not think that this is my life and she is important to me.

A husband should be very kind, gentle and explain the situation in a very appropriate manner. Similarly, a husband should not act as a hypocrite. Like supporting one in front and talking bad about her at back. Though he is right in his judgement. If the women are not able to handle the situation that time a husband can take his action.

For mother in law if she has one more son and daughter who is younger to his first son. She will feel scared and insecure. Particularly, if the daughter is a young girl who is a spinster and a boy who is working.

How should a mother- in- law maintain a healthy relationship?

  • A mother- in law should not be possessive.
  • She should not boast about her family every time.
  • A mother in law should not call the girl’s family and tell her mistakes.
  • Comparison of her life with a daughter- in- law life should be avoided.
  • Discouragement of her cooking or etc should be avoided.
  • Finding faults about the girl’s parents must be avoided.
  • Encouraging the son to raise hand on the girl should completely be prohibited.
  • Nagging her to finish the job on time must be deduced.
  • Allowing couples to have a personal space.
  • The banning of listening to the comments of relations or neighbours about the girl.
  • A mother should not force the couples for offspring.

How should a daughter in law maintain a healthy relationship?

  • Avoiding the nuclear family.
  • Spending time with mother in law.
  • Not nagging husband about the nuclear family.
  • Complaining about daily life.
  • Expressing as though you are so bored.
  • Helping mother in law.
  • No arguments.
  • Talking ill about husband’s relation is bad.
  • Preferring only about your life.
  • Spending more time in parents house is bad.
  • Busy with daily work.
  • Try to have breakfast, lunch, tea time, and dinner with in-laws.
  • Present gifts.


Jazakallah khairan.

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