The Muslim Marriage Guide Course – Beta

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Course Introduction

Course Overview

Module One: How healthy is your relationship?

  • How Healthy Is Your Relationship?
  • The 5 D’s In A Relationship
  • Love & Respect
  • Workbook

Module Two: Your Vision For The Future

  • Your vision for the future
  • Goal setting
  • Workbook

Module Three: The Attitude of Gratitude

  • The attitude of gratitude
  • Workbook

Module Four: The Art of Forgiveness And A Fair Fight

  • The Art of Forgiveness
  • 10 Step Fighting Fair Battle Plan Part 1
  • 10 Step Fighting Fair Battle Plan Part 2
  • Workbook

Module Five: The Proactive Marriage Vs The Reactive Marriage

  • The Proactive vs reactive marriage
  • The shura process
  • Workbook

Module Six: Intimacy And Affection

  • Intimacy and affection
  • Workbook

Module Seven: Putting Each Other First

  • The ‘L’ Word
  • Workbook

Module Eight: Treat Your Spouse Like Gold

  • Quality Time
  • Workbook

Module Nine: Gender Differences And Communication

  • The Difference Between Men & Women
  • How Men & Women Think
  • 30 Day Plan of Action
  • Workbook

Module Ten: When Things Go Wrong

  • Iblis Loves Divorce
  • Divorce Battle Plan
  • Workbook


  • Intimacy Q&A With Sheikh Musleh Khan (Coming Soon)
  • Marriages Are Made in Heaven Guide
  • 7 Fatal Mistakes Which Can Destroy Any Marriage


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