Say no to Valentine day

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha


Marriage is an identity not only to prove that you can have sex, but it is an identity to the world to make sure that you have lots of love and trust where you can’t find with other men and women.

A marriage can not be done by parents or social force. A marriage is like a flavour for life. A life where you are ready to share your personal with someone and leave the rest of your life by trusting someone. Though the flavour is bitter, sweet or sour.

Islam has framed many rules which are completely opposite and might sound opposing to today’s world. Hayyaa is the most important shield for men and women. But today’s men and women who don’t have proper knowledge about Islam slip in unwanted traps.

Is living in the modern world difficult?

Indeed, we should really thank Allah(SWT) who has chosen and guided us to the straight path. Moreover, living in a country where it is populated by other religions and following all the filth perhaps is difficult to control our nerves.

Though it is a Muslim country or other religion countries the practice of falling in love, dating living in relationship and Homosexuality is followed. When and in which chapter did Allah give us the permission of following all these modern techniques?

Indeed, Allah has revealed the Quran, and he has sworn that no one can manipulate the Quran because all other books which were revealed by him were manipulated.


A Muslim is the mirror of another Muslim.

Muslim people argue that they make their haraam relationship into a halal relationship without having sexual intercourse.

They also say that they have the rights to date because Islam means love and peace. Moreover, they date because one or other day they will marry the same guy.

When did Islam allow all such rules? Prophet Muhammad Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam, as soon as Ali (r.a) accepted Islam he used to pray in the house of Prophet Muhammad Sallah Alayhi wa Sallam, So Khatijah(r.a) prophet’s beloved wife would stand back and pray.

In fact, he did not allow women to stand in front of men and pray because their clothes were not perfect. 

When Prophet Muhammad Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam was very much concerned about Muslim women Hayya, why are we not respecting the Islamic traditions?

In the name of Valentine Day, we celebrate our day thoroughly with the things which Allah has forbidden. When Islamic scholars prohibit us not to celebrate our Birthday then why should we follow all the traditions and sins of other religions?

Innovations in Islam.

Prophet Muhammad Allahu Alayhi wa Sallam has asked both men and women to lower their gaze and walk. But today only a few people lower their gaze and walk.

Yes, Islam means love and peace. But it does not mean that we can go to any extreme.   If Allah has banned and prophet has restricted something, there is a reason behind it.

In the world where you can’t trust your own decisions, how can you trust someone who comes all of a sudden in your life?

Anything and everything will take time. Though you are in love with someone, look at his/her discipline. If he/she is excellent in Islamic laws. If not, leave him/her but do not go on the wrong track.

Do not leave your modesty at any sake. Just do not make valentine’s day your special day. Every day should be filled with love, hope, enjoyment, happiness. It is our life we are framing it. Do not make your life a rule book. Be kind and nice to your spouse at any time.


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