So Why Are Men From Makkah And Women From Medina?

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By Pure Matrimony -

When I first heard the expression from Sheikh Alaa that Men are from Makkah and Women are from Medina, I was totally intrigued. What did that mean exactly and why did Sheikh use this analogy to explain the differences between men and women?

To understand this, you have to go back to the Qur’an and the superb use of parables that Allah SWT uses to explain certain concepts to us. In fact, almost every concept in Islam is explained through parables because Allah SWT knows what we don’t.

Man would misinterpret Allah’s message if He Almighty didn’t use parables with common terms that we understand. So for example, when explaining how big the trees in paradise are, we are told that it would take a very fast rider on horseback 100 years just to cover the distance of the SHADE of the tree!

So now if we look at what is meant by ‘men are from Makkah’, we can use the description of Makkah to draw similarities to men. For example, the characteristics of Makkah are that it is hot, dry, mountainous and difficult terrain. It’s a sight to behold and displays Allah’s might and power.

When you draw similarities to men, they are by very nature powerful, strong and a force to be reckoned with! Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but this is generally how men are – strong and powerful.

There is another parable here also – Makkah is a dry, hot, desert land which is very sandy. Because Allah SWT created Adam from dust, dust and dirt are attributes of hard work. In older generations, men would work outside in all seasons and would come home covered in dirt – a sign they had been working hard all day.

So by this, we can see that men are created to work hard because they are the protectors and maintainers of their families. Another similarity you can draw is that of mountains – the Prophet SAW always advised that if you were in any kind of danger, head for the mountains which would serve as a means of protection for you.

Translated in terms of men, if we see men like mountains, they are created to protect their families, so again the likeness of men being from Makkah is absolutely true!

Similarly, we can draw the same conclusions about women being from Medina. Medina was known during the time of the Prophet SAW as being a place which was warm, welcoming and where the people were soft-hearted and cool natured.

The Prophet SAW himself was soft-hearted and had a cool temperament, and this is why he loved Medina so much. When you look at how women are by nature, Allah SWT in all of His mercy has created them to be soft-hearted, cooler and ‘weaker’ than men. We simply don’t have the physical strength to compete with men (of course there are always exceptions!).

So the next time you wonder why men and women are so different, remember the characteristics of Makkah and Medina and how that makes us different Insha’Allah.

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