[SOLUTION] We know it’s not easy to find the one

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By Pure Matrimony -

If you can’t watch the above Presentation : Please Read the Article Below .

We know it’s not easy to find the one…
We understand that finding someone who values their DEEN as much as you do, and also has the characteristics you wish for in a spouse is difficult in today’s age.
In addition to this since modern lives are so busy, it is no wonder that brothers and sisters today are finding it increasingly hard to find their soul mate.

We have the solution

PureMatrimony.com brings to its Indian users a perfect Islamic platform for Practicing Muslims to come together and find their Pure match from India in an
Online Event like never before

The Biggest Advantage

The Chances of finding Your  Pure match is high as there are hundreds other online at the same time – so faster responses

More Reasons Why you just CAN’T MISS attending this meet ! 

  • Completely in order with Islamic guidelines – Shariah Compliant
  • So what makes us Pure ? Read the Answer here : http://bit.ly/pmhalal
  • Hundreds of Thousands of potential partners in One place at the same time.
  • Unlimited messages : Interact with unlimited  members increasing your  chance of finding your pure match for this life  and the next insha’Allah
  • Live moderation of conversations, profiles & photos by our moderation team to prevent violation of the Sunnah of the Prophet salAllahu alaihi wassalam , who said that when a man and a woman are alone, the third person is Shaytaan  ( Sahih Bukhari)
  • Matches from the same  Islamic institute as  yours – IOU & AlKauthar  for India currently
  • We are Wali Friendly sisters : please add your wali details
  • To know more about what makes us different, visit :

How do I attend this event ?

Follow the Steps Below to Attend ‘The Online Meet’
1. Register NOW at www.purematrimony.com

2. Complete your profile upload recent photos fill up more than 400 words in your ‘about me’ and ‘looking for’ sections
3. Subscribe : login & visit your upgrade page : http://bit.ly/upgrade

4. Attend event : The Event is ONLINE on PureMatrimony.com So Login beforehand
On 19th JANUARY from  2-4PM IST  use 70% off Gift code PMIGIFT70

Who Can Attend This Event ? 
If you’re a  Practicing Muslim from India and want  to marry a PIOUS spouse The  HALAL way THEN REGISTER NOW ON www.purematrimony.com
And be LOGGED IN on 19th January 2-4PM IST

May Allah help us all find the best of mates ,Aameen.

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