How To Spot Players When Searching For A Spouse

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By Pure Matrimony -

How do you know the person you’re speaking to is genuine? Are there tell-tale signs that someone is trying to play you?

Join Sister Arfa Saira and Sister Fathima Farooqi who’ll be discussing how to spot players in today’s show!

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6 Comments to How To Spot Players When Searching For A Spouse

  1. Masha ALLAH a good guide and opinion. But I must say that some are unpracticable or destructive. Example is going to meet your potential spouse’s employer, neighbor, etc. These are purely subjective views which, and in almost all cases, would be biased. Again, why is it all about the ‘sister being careful’. I think we tend to be sentimental about the sisters, thinking they are the more innocent and sincere searchers. Kindly make your discussion and opinion balanced. Brothers have been victims as well and we are all vulnerable when searching.
    Jazak ALLAH khair.

    • Is not about sentiment but the fact is jus that brothers commit more marital crime than the sisters.

  2. Nashreen

    How do you spot a smooth talker?
    What sets them apart from genuine Brothers. Another aspect to look into is social media addiction and Facebook.

    How some people do more on there since they are in a comfortable environment online compared to what they would do in person.

    Many marriages break down from these home invaders.

    Jazakumullah khairun

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