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Men have different needs compared to women, and as such, how we deal with them on a daily basis is going to mean the difference between a happy marriage and a sour one. So here’s our top tips for sisters who want to show their husbands they really care!

1. Quit Backbiting Him!

Husband shamingwhen you get together with your family and friends is one of the WORST things you can do. Not only are you creating problems in your marriage by airing your dirty laundry, but it’s also a MAJOR sin to backbite your husband. மேலும், your husband is NOT going to appreciate it – if you have an issue, TALK it through with your husband.

2. Praise Him In Public

Never allow anyone to berate your husband in public – step in and defend his honour in the same way you would expect him to do that for you. It builds love and respect and shows unity in marriage.

3. Constantly Make Dua For Him

Keep your marriage strong by making dua every day for Allah to preserve and protect your marriage.

4. Bake Him A Cake!

Men love the fact you do something nice just for them. So when they are having a hard time, bake them a cake or cookies or whatever else they like. It’s comforting and makes them feel appreciated.

5. Support Him In Charitable Acts

If your husband is in the dawah or doing some good cause, it can mean more time away from you. Get involved and support him in whatever causes he is involved in.

6. Quit The Nagging

Focus on what your husband DOES do for you and the family and be grateful for it, rather than focusing on what he doesn’t do.

7. Show Gratitude

Saying ‘jazakallah khairan’ for every little thing he does for you shows him you love him and appreciate his efforts.

8. Praise His Efforts At All Times

Men have an ego and want to please their wives. Working hard is THEIR way of showing you how much they love you because they are doing it for YOU – so praise him for his efforts. It won’t go unnoticed.

9. Support His Interests

Do things he enjoys WITH him – not only will it increase the love, but it shows that his interests are important to you.

10. Create Financial Security Through Support

Complaining about money is always a no-no and makes your husband feel he can’t take care of you. Create financial security through supporting him. Be frugal, budget wisely and learn to say alhamdullilah instead of complaining and it will create an atmosphere of security rather than lack.

11. Believe In Him…Even When He Doesn’t!

Champion your husband at all times and encourage him to be the best. He will bounce off you believing in him and it will encourage him to be his best self – ultimately bringing out the best in him.

12. Show Him Some LOVE!

Make a point to show him you love him through romantic gestures, hugs, பல சாத்தியமான வாழ்க்கைத் துணைகளுடன் உரையாடல் (as was the habit of the Prophet SAW) and holding hands as well as initiating intimacy in the bedroom. It will make him feel desired and want to try harder to please you.

13. Turn Your Home Into A Sanctuary!

The world is a nasty place, so make it beautiful and welcoming when your husband comes home. Treat your husband like you would a special guest and watch how it brings out the best in him.

15. Respect His Family

Your husband has a family whom he loves and respects. If you want to earn a greater amount of love and respect from your husband, show respect and love to his family also!

16. Schedule A Date Night

Keep things interesting by scheduling or (even better) surprising him with a date night. Arrange a babysitter and go out for the evening and remind him why he married you!

17. Nurture Him When He Is Sick

Men love to be macho, but when they are ill, they become like little kids – they don’t call it ‘man flu’ for no reason! Give him attention and take care of him like you would a small child. Trust us, he will be back to his good old self sooner rather than later.

18. Hide Your Disagreements

Always hide your disappointments, disagreements and arguments from your kids and from other people. Never EVER allow your children to see them as it makes kids feel insecure and shows lack of respect for him in front of the kids. Always stay united in front of the kids no matter what.

Showing you love your spouse is a daily effort and these ideas are just the start! To increase the love between you and your spouse and stay connected to them deeply, get your FREE ‘Re-Connect with Your Spouse’ guide. சும்மா செல்லுங்கள்: http://bit.ly/1AdFeR9


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  1. Lateefah

    Alhamdulilah for the good article buh I think the world(with the exception to Islam)has been so selfish to the women folk.All articles have ever read as regards relationships & marriages are centered towards how to keep a man,or similar ones.i havnt per chance stumbled upon any which read show to keep your woman”,101 ways to make your wife happy”.

    • Abubakar

      It may seem awkward that a guy is replying to a lady’s comment on a topic which is supposed to be for sisters. This therefore, necessitates the fact that I should mention I only try to read & learn things like these to possibly teach those around me. Now sister, contrary to your argument, there are many articles on how to make a woman happy and guess what? It’s always bulkier and more complex than that regarding. And whatever these authors write are to the best of my knowledge in line with the teachings of Islam.

  2. Masha Allah @ lateefa, it’s like u read what’s on my mind. To be frank what lateefa has said was true. Coz most men think it’s only a woman dt suppose take Gud Kia of her husband. Pls Adm.. U need consider women too. Thank u. May Allah have Marcy on us. And give us D. Ability 2 be a Gud wife’s to our husband amin

  3. ஆயிஷா

    I disagree entirely with your argument as I have come across many articles regarding love and respect towards women, particularly towards ones wife, mother and daughter. Islam is the only religion that raised the status of women and granted women respect and independence so it is contrary to say that one cannot find anything regarding the importance for man to respect a woman’s value. There are also many authentic and strong Hadith that support love and respect toward ones wife. I spend a great deal of time following scholars and listening to their lectures and I’ve yet to come across a scholar that hasn’t praised the wife and pushed men to show more love, appreciation and respect to their women folk. It is so that women are described like a rib and if you try to bend it it breaks, the analogy teaches men that women are so fragile and sensitive that they should be treated with love and care so as not to break them emotionally and keep them close to your heart and safe guard them. The wife’s status is so valuable that she is first priority to a husband when he married regardless of how many other significant females he has in his life (I.e., his mom, சகோதரிகள், முதலியன).

  4. This is really a good article where i studied many things to do to my husband and how i should act infront of my kids..hope i get more articles in showing love to my husbndMay Almighty help all the women to be great wives Aamern Ya Rab..

  5. ஆயிஷா

    This article was not written very well. It portrayed men in a negative light and had multiple minor grammatical errors. மேலும், for an article aimed at Muslims, I would have hoped for more references from the Quran or Sunnah.

  6. I personally don’t think it’s about the article regarding whether they are more male orientated or not but who actually puts it into practice.
    I find that this day and age the men are egotistical and make the woman out to be a vixen when in fact they are busy giving the attention to non Mahram women than their wives and then they complain as to why she is acting crazy and all sorts of things and also you will find that the single women tend to chase married men and leave the single brothers stranded as they see the married brothers out in public and starts with their salams and the flirting then say how lucky the sister is and not knowing that he beats her whilst she’s pregnant and belittles her at home which creates another set of problems to the existing pile that exists through cultural differences (especially for the reverts) and whatnots. Most men don’t defend their wives with their crazy families and are ungrateful to Allah Swt. She’s so fat etc…. the list goes on but you don’t find (Well I haven’t to date but it could have happened) sisters wanting a new husband because her husband is now fat.
    The good thing is Allah Swt knows best and our angels are always scribing so the truth will come out on the day of judgement as to who was doing the right thing or not.

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