Fasting In Shaban

இடுகை மதிப்பீடு

இந்த இடுகையை மதிப்பிடவும்
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Ramadan is fast approaching, and one of the best ways to get yourself ready for Ramadan is to fast in the month of Shabaan, as was the custom of the Prophet SAW:

Narrated by Abu Salamah:

I asked Aishah about the fasting of the Prophet SAW and she said: ‘He used to fast until we thought he would always fast. And he used to not fast until we thought he would always not fast. I never saw him fast more in any month than inShaban. He used to fast all of Shaban; he used to fast all of Shaban except a little.’

[Ibn Majah, classed as Sahih]

With this hadith though, there are some things that a person who is intending to fast should be aware of.

Abu Hurayrah RA reported that the Messenger of Allah SAW said: “When Sha`ban is half over, do not fast.” (Classed as authentic by Al-Albani)

This hadith indicates that it is disliked to fast after halfway through Sha`ban, i.e., starting from the sixteenth day of the month. The exception here is that if you have missed fasts to make up, or you are in the habit of fasting the Sunnah fasts (Monday, Thursday and the bright days), then you can fast after the middle of the month.

In another hadith, Abu Hurayrah RA said:

The Messenger of Allah SAW said: “Do not anticipate Ramadan by fasting one or two days before it begins, but if a man habitually fasts, then let him fast.”

[Reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

As the Prophet SAW was in the habit of fasting, he SAW would fast much of Shaban, except the last few days in accordance to the hadith of Aisha RA who said:

The Prophet SAW “Used to fast all of Sha`ban and he used to fast Sha`ban except a few days.”

[Reported by Muslim]


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