Do Older Women Make Better Spouses?

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Join sister Arfa Saira from Pure Matrimony and co-host sister Fathima Farooqi as they discuss the reasons why Why Older Women Make Better Spouses

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  1. i am a american woman,,i am 47 வயது. i am very worried about my age with this man because he is only 27.he approched me and he is arabic man muslim. im christian, raised catholic but converted. idont believe i look my age.
    the big issue is i lied to him about my agei regret this very much bc then he would of had the option to choose if
    this was okay for him.i am spanish puerto rican.. i feel very very strongly for him.i dont know what to do because he told his family about mesooo he thinks i am 37 வயது. i dont know what to do ,i really am afaid to tell him.

  2. Hauwa yakubu

    Yes older women can make better spouse but d only problem lies in whether you are going to give birth or not.Im a typical example.You shouldnt have lied to him about your age if he loves you fine,if he doesn’t falillahi hamdu.

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