Why Does It Take So Long To Find The Right Person?

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இந்த இடுகையை மதிப்பிடவும்
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Sometimes it seems like it’s taking forever to find the right person

But how long does it actually take?

We’ve been polling our community and crunching the numbers and found that நான்t takes on average between 2-5 years to find the right person!

உண்மையாக, the majority of people who start their search for a spouse online do so with high hopes of finding someone pretty quickly

They think all it takes is a couple of months

But when it doesn’t happen as quickly as they hoped it would, they become impatient and give up too early.

And this is one of the reasons why people don’t find success online.

மணிக்கு தூய திருமணம், we believe that finding the right person is worth waiting for!

It’s the single most important decision of your life, and therefore it means taking your time to find the right person.

This will inevitably mean you WILL experience setbacks and rejection at some point.

It’s just part of the process!

ஆனால், like anything that’s worth having in life, you have to be willing to put yourself out there, taking a chance to find happiness

If you feel like giving up after a few months because you think that the right person will never be found, then this is your own inner voice working against you, because Shaytaan doesn’t WANT you to find anyone.

He WANTS you to become sad, lonely and anxious.

So what should you do?

உண்மையில், there are 3 main things you need to be aware of:

முதலில், being patient, making dua and placing your trust in Allah is a HUGE step forward in helping you overcome any feelings of stress or worry you may have because you’re leaving it in Allah’s hands.

இரண்டாவது, your partner is already decided for youin other words, it’s qadr when you will meet someone.

And lastly, just because you’ve left it to Allah doesn’t mean you sit there and hope someone comes along.

You have to be ACTIVE in searching.

What’s interesting is that when people search offline, they often search for years before they decide it’s not happening.

எனினும், when it comes to searching online, the same level of action is rarely applied.

Most people give it a few months, and if nothing happens, they forget the whole process and stop searching online altogether.

The fact is, if you stop searching, where does that leave you?

Remember going online using services like தூய திருமணம் is simply a means of helping you to connect with more of the RIGHT kind of people

And the next time you feel like quitting your search online, remember it can take anything between 2-5 years to find the ‘one’.

So don’t despair if it’s not happening for you yetyou simply haven’t been searching long enough!

Umm Jamal

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