The Other Way Around

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ஆதாரம்: The Other Way Around

One of the true beauties of our beloved religion Islam is Amanah. The meaning of amanah is trustworthiness, அல்லது, it is something or someone left to someone to protect or keep. The opposite of amanah is betrayal or even treason. Both promises and covenants involve saying something about an issue to confirm that you will uphold the trust. This is especially so with regard to one’s duties towards Allah. இறைவன்(swt) praises the believers by promising them Paradise,

“Those who are faithfully true to their amanah (all the duties which Allah has ordained, honesty, moral responsibility and trusts, முதலியன) and to their covenantsthese indeed are the inheritors. Who shall inherit Paradise. And dwell therein forever” (குர்ஆன் 23:8, 23:10-11)


Amanah does not always means the physical things people entrust you with. It also means the emotional bonding with your family, friends and people around; keeping it right way and fulfiling the rights. It also means the innocent trust that your Pet animal put upon you with its food and merciful behavior towards it as per commanded by Allah(swt).[Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One in the heavens will have mercy upon you-Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1924]. This voiceless animal will stand for you and speak for you that day in front of Almighty Allah on the plan of resurrection for your mercy towards it

When you get married to your spouse your spouse put immense trust upon you and your spouse’s family entrust you with their most precious amanah. When you know that you are capable of exploiting a person due to his/her weakness , you know you can break him/her with your harsh words or lie but…… you would never ever do so, because you value the person(your spouse) and the immense trust your spouse has put on you and you know Allah(swt) will be pleased on you for your action and recompensate you greatly.

Your spouse too know that you are capable of exploiting him/her, but trust you and care for you too much to even entertain this thought ever

He/she would share the deepest feelings with you without having to worry about being exposed or taken advantage of

Be a person of this much trustworthiness
மற்றும், if you have gained this trust in life with your spousethen remember, that it’s a priceless possession, an invaluable gift not everyone deservesdon’t risk losing it at any cost! Each and every merciful and loving action towards your spouse is counted as Sadaqa and makes your book of deeds much heavier in the sight of Allah(swt).

நினைவில் கொள்ளுங்கள், our Prophet (ஸல்லல்லாஹு அலைஹி வஸல்லம்) was ‘Al Ameen’‘The Trustworthy’, so much so that even the staunchest of his enemies would entrust him with their precious possessions!

In this most confusing era, time of fitnah the most important thing we need isSlowing Down”. Slow down. No need to be so restless. Give it time. You can do without that ‘in-thingeveryone’s going crazy about. Allah has used a total of five terms and phrases to describe to us the reality of the life of this world in the Quran. Analysis of their meanings clearly reveals that indeed, the life of this world is such that it makes a believer lose focus of the Hereafter. ‘Livethe real life. ‘Watchthe beauty of a sunset, ‘heara new morning breathe as it dawns, ‘feelthe cool winter breeze, ‘talkto your spouse, live it full with him/her, feel your spouse and you will find the immense rahma within. Go back to the era of RasoolAllah and see how he(sw) left amazing examples. He was abused. slandered, oppressed like no one else but he only dealt everyone with mercy and he was best towards his wife. Lets live the example of RasoolAllah instead of following the today’s manmade restless society. Lets adorn our soul with the fragrance of Islam, lets connect our soul to our spouse with love and adorn our home with the Rahma from Allah(swt) [ when a couple looks at each other with love, இறைவன்(swt) look at them with mercyProphet Muhammed(sw)]. Lets leave the best legacy for our next generation by being the best one for our partner in sha Allah.


Be like the flower that leaves its fragrance even to the hand that crushes it”- ஆனால் (ra)



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