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Significance of Dhul Hijjah

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The ten days of Dhul Hijjah hold a great amount of significance in Islam. This month’s first ten days are considered very sacred and a time for enhanced contemplation, finding...

Tip Of The Week

Do Not Show Off

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Allah SWT commands us to check our intentions whenever we do a good deed – because Shaytaan is there trying to make our good deeds a source of pride among...

Tip Of The Week

Be The Friend of Allah

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Have you ever wondered about the status of the one whom Allah SWT loves and considers His friend? Being the friend of Allah is an honour and a sign of righteousness...

Tip Of The Week

Relieving People In Distress

Pure Matrimony | | 3 Comments

Have you ever wondered about the characteristics of a person whom Allah loves? There are dozens of qualities that are beloved to Allah, but there are a few things that should...