The 7-types of Muslim Men Every Woman Has Come Across on Dating Apps

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The 7-types of Muslim Men Every Woman Has Come Across on Dating Apps
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Finding a man/woman of your dreams is a tough job but here’s how it could be made easier!

The whole process of finding a soul mate is quite draining. It takes time, energy, and lots of prayers to come across a human version of blessing. It’s hard to find an ideal match. Let’s be honest here sister, finding out that the person you like is not your type before marriage is no less than a blessing. It will save you, your precious tears. Realizing that the man you married is not the man of your fairytale is indeed, quite painful.

  • The One With Their Priorities Sorted

This person has their priorities set out straight in the shape of demands and expectations they have from their spouses. These expectations usually include romantic conversations and engaging in constant lovemaking acts. The men falling under this category are very blunt about what they want and quite often explicitly mention their needs to the person they are talking to. There are very few Muslim sisters who are comfortable with discussing such topics and also agreeing to such demands before marriage. It also gives them the idea that the person asking for such things is not keenly interested in building their relationship as a married couple and keeping it to a surface level only. 

  • The One With Acting Qualities 

People with dual personalities are unbearable by everyone. Pretending something or someone you are not for personal gains is something prohibited in Islam at many events. Our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was the epitome of perfection and we are his Ummah. He especially guided and advised his ummah to be honest always. Being his followers, we should not say something we don’t mean or believe in. This category has all such people that are very much like the brothers mentioned in the above category. They are just good at camouflaging it with flattery, quite well. Be wary of such people sisters, we don’t want you to be falling prey to such predators. 

  • The Brothers Who Are Just Too Keen 

I AM ADDRESSED TO ALL MY MUSLIM BROTHERS HERE! Nobody likes to answer too many questions. And if you are asking a question then you must LET THE SISTER ANSWER, as well. We understand that you have a lot to say brother but try being a good listener too. Sisters value it a lot and might cook you your favourite dish every day, just based on this quality. 


Let’s understand one thing that finding your spouse does give you the option to choose. But there is a difference between choosing what you want and window shopping. Some brothers just like talking to women on dating apps.  On top of that, they keep it like that for a long time too. Don’t let the indecisiveness of such brothers fool you, my dear sisters! Ask him straight away after a few days of conversation about his level of interest in you. There is also a smarter way to fix this problem. A matrimonial site like offers various filters to keep people from window shopping when looking for a spouse.

  • The Brother Who Can’t Take No For An Answer

Such brothers tend to get over-enthusiastic when they find what they are looking for. They often turn out as desperate as well, as they do not let you get away that easily. But there is another side of the coin. Sometimes, the brothers turn out very flexible. They are willing to fulfil your wishes to make you say yes to them. If you find a man who is more considerate of your wishes than his own. DON’T EVER LET THEM GO AWAY SISTERS. HE IS THE ONE! 

  • Strategic Planners 

You must have come across men who return after some time with lots of sweet talk and chivalry.  But trust me, dear sister, he is just weighing his options in his list of prospects. Be mindful and don’t be a part of his list at all. Don’t be a part of this marriage buffet. You deserve to be respected!

  •  The Brother Who Is Just There To Pass Time 

You guys have been exchanging lots of texts for weeks and marriage is still off the table. No sister, he is not interested in making the move, yet. He is just wasting your time and luring you into chatting so that he can kill his boredom. 


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