The Danger of Sinning In Public

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By Pure Matrimony -

There are two kinds of people on this Earth – those who sin and keep their sins private, recognizing they have done wrong and seeking forgiveness from Allah SWT. And then there are those who openly sin because they don’t think anything of their sin, and as a result, they don’t repent either.

The Prophet SAW said: “All of my ummah (followers) will be fine except for those who commit sin openly, and that includes cases where Allaah conceals a person’s sin, but the following morning he exposes himself and says, ‘O So and so, I did such and such last night, so he shamelessly exposes himself when all night his Lord had concealed his sin.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 5949; Muslim, 2744). 

The main problem with sinning openly is that it encourages others to partake in the sin too – and this means that not only would you get punished for sinning, but there would also be a blame on you for encouraging the sins of others.

Speaking about your sin and flaunting it openly in front of others is classed as a major sin. It is one of the ways of spreading immorality in the ummah, encouraging evil and tempting others to do the same. Plus, it indicates the person doing the sin doesn’t take their sin seriously and therefore they leave themselves open to slander.

May Allah SWT protect us against revealing our sins to others ameen.


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