The Evil of Haram Wealth

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Ibn Mas’ood RA narrates that the Prophet SAW said, “A slave (of Allah) who acquires haraam wealth and gives charity from it, it is not accepted from him. If he spends from it, he does not have any blessing (barakah) in it. If he leaves it behind him (i.e. he dies) it will be a means of taking him to the fire (of Hell). Verily, Allah does not wipe out evil deed with evil deed; instead, He wipes out evil deed with good deed. Indeed, the repulsive does not wipe out the repulsive.” (Musnad Ahmad)

The explanation behind this hadith is that Allah SWT in all His Majesty and Glory doesn’t wipe out an evil deed with evil, and therefore any charity you give out of haram wealth will be rejected.

This is a stern warning to those who mistakenly believe they can wipe their sins away by paying into charity from wealth acquired in a haram manner.

Examples of haram wealth can means eating interest, stealing, selling alcohol/drugs, overly inflating prices, cheating in weights and measures, lying and cheating people out of money, entertaining people by impermissible music or dancing, astrology or anything else which goes against the teachings of our deen.

May Allah SWT protect us against this evil ameen.

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