The ‘New Normal’ in Matrimonial Trends

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Matrimonial trends are the new talk of the town since “COVID-Weddings” are a thing now. Pure Matrimony has managed to cope up with the flux in customer behavior with effective management and a user-friendly platform online to assist all those looking for a serious partnership. So, let’s talk about the new behavioral trends that arrived with the coronavirus outbreak.

With a whole bunch of stay-at-home measures, weddings are now engendering ‘new normal’ leaving out the traces of intimate weddings being in trend, recently. Couples of all generations have been tying knots during pandemic-driven lockdowns. Amina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai; Hina Altaf and Agha Ali; Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal; Faryal Mehmood and Daniyal Raheal are some of the famous couples to get the trend going.

Although, there is a flip side to this coin of new normal. Another impact of COVID on marriages has been seen in terms of a higher divorce rate around the globe even in countries where COVID has been less influential. In Japan, for instance, the marriage percentage collapsed by 137% which is the highest dipping percentage since 1950. Meanwhile, in Italy and Turkey, the winds are blown in the same direction.

What an irony that with every new normal there is an old habit attached to it, of not following what is being told. “Are we going to follow the COVID restrictions? Maybe not”. Since the time, lockdowns and other preventive measures are announced, a huge amount of rebels came forward in lockdown violations; SOPs violation; social distancing violation, and everything that inched forward with the coronavirus situation. Resultantly, there have been several violators’ arrests for not following the SOPs in general.

But don’t worry because Pure Matrimony got your back. No matter if there are lockdown restrictions or if you cannot travel abroad. You can match with someone from another corner of the world just by sitting at your home with simple three steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Create your profile
  3. Fill out the information about yourself and hit the Sign Up

Sisters may or may not add a ‘wali’ in the whole process as per their comfort level. Moreover, Pure Matrimony enables you to be at ease with your privacy because the platform does not provide account images to everyone and has enabled users to have this feature based on what they are comfortable with. So, let’s make “Nikkah” another new normal in COVID times and find the soulmate who’s made just for you!

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