The Prophet Urged Men to Keep Good Company with their Wives

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By Pure Matrimony -

Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – has guided his people to keep good company with their wives by word and deed, and there are many traditions of our Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – in this regard, and here are some of them:

1- Al Bukhary & Muslim narrated that Abu Huraira – may Allah be pleased with him – reported that Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – said: “Treat women kindly, they were created from a rib, and the most crooked part of the rib is the highest part thereof; so, if you tried to rectify the rib it will be broken and if you left the rib as it is, it will remain crooked, and women are like this; therefore treat them kindly”.

There is another narration to the same tradition by Muslim stated: “Women have been created from a rib. She will never be straightened up in the way you wish. If you enjoyed her companionship, then do it with that crookedness, as If you tried to rectify her she will be broken and breaking her means divorcing her.”

The Prophet – peace be upon him – directed men not only to treat women kindly, but also demonstrated their reality to convince men to accept his precious advise, because if the men realized that women are crooked by nature, then they should be patient with women knowing that they cannot be straightforward always, and knowing that they are acting by their very nature; therefore, insisting on the straightforwardness of woman to the ideal level was a point of surprise for the poets, and some of them said:

The Woman is like a crooked rib which cannot be rectified; thus, trying otherwise will break such rib.

Another poet said:

The one who tries to use things beyond their nature is like the one who seeks a torch in water.

2- Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him – repeated this commandment in several occasions. In his last pilgrimage (Hijjat Al Wadda), our Prophet – peace be upon him – devoted an essential part of his great sermon to this commandment and said: “Treat women kindly, they are captives in your houses, you have no way except to treat them kindly unless they commit a clear-cut abomination, in which case, desert them in the bed, if not feasible, strike them gently but do not cause them any harm, thereafter, if they obeyed you, do not wrong them. You have a right on your wives and your wives have a right on you; your right on them is that they should keep your honor and do not allow any person to enter your houses if you do not like them to enter, and their right on you is to treat them kindly and provide them with clothing and food”. Narrated by Muslim.

The Prophet – peace be upon him reiterated his commandment for woman because he knows well their nature. This nature cannot be tolerated by some of the men who do not have control on themselves when they got angry; thus, their intolerance on the crookedness of women leads them to divorce them; consequently, they lose their wives and scatter their families.

Therefore, the Prophet – peace be upon him – guided Muslim husbands in another tradition to the right way of dealing with their families by saying:

3- “The faithful husband should not hate his faithful wife, because if he hates a certain manner in her character, then he should not forget the other good manners in her character.”

Narrated by Muslim.

4- The Prophet – peace be upon him – said also: “Those who are the best believers are those who have the best manners and the most kind to their families.”

Narrated by At Termithi and others.

5- The Prophet – peace be upon him – said also: “The best of you is the best to his family and I am the best of you to my family”.

6- The Prophet – peace be upon him – said also: “Anything not involving the extolment of Allah is vanity or negligence except four things: exercising shooting, training the horse, playing with his family and learning swimming”.

Narrated by Al Nasa’i.

There are plenty of traditions urging the Muslims to have good manners with their families and relatives

54 Comments to The Prophet Urged Men to Keep Good Company with their Wives

  1. zubairu mijinyawa Bayero

    May we abide by the teachings of our beloved prophet Mohammed(S.A.W) ameen and Jazak-Allah khairan 4 the piece.

  2. Tuncay Yenilmez

    We muslims should obey Allah(Subhana wa Teala) and Prophet Muhammad(Sallallahu wa sallam). We would not go wrong in circumstances regarding how we should treat our wives or in other subjects.

  3. I am Muslim.I am very confused.I have caught him many times cheating on me.other day I caught him again.I have proof.but he is not agreeing his mistake.he completely stopped talking to me.I am so sad and confused.I don’t know Wht to do.every day I pray to Allah to show me a way.he always does does mistake and he stops talking to me.pls help me.

    • Ms u should know that a lot of men are doing what is happening in ur life (in this internet age), he would have done it and u wouldn’t even have noticed it….he will go in his grave and answer to ALLAH for his deeds. My advice to u is keep good faith in ALLAH and keep praying and recite BISMILLAH three times on a glass of water when ever u give him one. I heard this from someone

      • ameema injila

        sister i hav heard that if u r nt in a good relation wid ur husband, u should try this…
        when u perform wadu…..collect used water in a container after u wash your face and arms…add small quantities of this water in his food or tea or any edible…inshaALLAH it will work…

        • @ ameema injila…. for your kind information ” the used water after performing wadu is HARAAM… its impure.. so the used water of wadu must not be reused… so from where ever u heard this satanic act is only the result of sheer ignourance & blind belief… so my dear sister u must learn islam’s basics first… by giving such advice where u urself is not sure that if u r correct or not, is the same that u r unknowingly guiding people towards sins … infact u will be more guilty … so b4 giving any sort of advice u must confirm urself with right hadeeth or solutions…

          @sk… in ur case being a muslim u must know that every individual are accountable for their deeds… in islam the rights, responsibilities, duties, liberties etc… every aspects are very well defined..its a religion of reasons, evidence, proof….. so sister if the husband has its rights so u too… u must understand that whatever ur husband is doing he will be accountable for his acts.. but being a wife u too have certain responsibilities and among which is that u must guide ur husband to the right path, u must try to make him understand what is right and wrong… try to realise him that what he is doing is wrong .. n must try to create the fear of the ALLAH in him, try to make him understand what is his responsibilities , duties and what is he doing.. etc… sister for all this u must need to be more patient, it will take some time ,, but u must try with all honesty… and if after all ur try if he will not changed his ill hyabbits, acts then as per the islaamic rules u can leave him… and at this time u must opt for talak-e-hasna… and islaam is giving you all the rights .. u can lead another life… and another thing u must remeber that for details must consult with a well qualified “MUFTI” instead of taking advices from here n there, u can be misguided… may the peace, mercy of the Allah be upon u…

          • @ ameema injila…. for your kind information you can use the remaining unused water, however used water after performing wadu is impure.. so the used water of wadu must not be reused

      • Muhammad Aqeel Shaukat

        try to find the reason why its happening, is he getting habbitual to this, or is there something missing that he gets from th outside, try to be cooperative with him talk with him about his work talk about your work, if u have kids try getting him involved with them spend as much time with him as u possibly can and for that u have to be patient. Get him to ask the reason why he is doing this, If he is a Muslim and a nice one then Tell him about what he is heading into a ditch that has no end if he does not try to stop himself from falling into it. MAY ALLAH HELP U IN THIS AND GUIDE U AND YOUR HUSBAND ON THE RIGHT PATH

      • He needs a slap, and if he is not talking to her (when she has done nothing wrong) why should she even cook for him!

    • I was sad to read the problem your facing with your husband, overall how is the relationship with your husband at this moment forget the cheating part. Is he loving, caring, understanding and does he listen to you does he enjoy your company do you go out together does he say he loves you. So all this if is yes then you know were you stand, is he serious with his other relationships ?
      When he stops talking with you obviously your going through alot at that point does he care does he try to be nice ? if does show any consideration he does still love you then. He might stop having these relationships with other women, but i don’t think you should suffer. do you have children ? you need to think about them too. You need to talk with him in a quite way and ask him what is it that he wants. you just read ur five daily prayers at least allah will give you peace in mind and heart, inshallah things can change too depending on the nature of your husband and how much fear he has of allah. may allah help you.

    • Sister, you should do a little more action than giving him different kind of waters. I think your husband is not talking to you because he is ashamed of what he does or did. The only way to figure out what is going on, is to talk to him like a friend, not like a wife who has just been cheated on. There is no such way in Islam, that says cheating is okay (not for men etiher). He sinned when he did it, and I dont believe Allah tolerates cheating, of men, as of women. It is sad that our muslims societies are more acceptable , to a cheating man. We all now, what happes when the women cheats, in muslim societies, they get punished in inhuman ways. This may not be Islam, but it is a fact from these societies. But in Allahs eyes, we are only humans, not men or woman, black or white, ugly or beautiful. Therefore I think you should make him think, how would he react if you cheated on him. And ask him to place himself in your position. His reactions, will tell you wether you should stay with him, or leave him. If he believes that he would have punish you , if you had cheated on him, then he deserves the same way of reaction to his owns actions,. Otherwise, if he understands what big mistake he did and how unfair he was to you, than you should hope for a change. Dont do anything, that you wouldnt like to be done to you is the key word . He took an responsibilty for you, when he married you. Remember if a man hasnt ,any respect nor love for you, he is nothing to fight for,either in Islam.

      Peace be upon you, and good luck sister !!

    • Darling if he is treating you this way, you do not have to put up with him. You are a human with feelings and he is neglecting you. If he can cheat on you again again, he has no right to be with you and you deserve so much better than him.

    • Saleem Faruq

      He does not fear Allah enough to avoid zina. He does not respect you enough to keep it out of your your face. Ask for divorce.

    • i know this is really hard for u to seeing doing this to husband did the same we ended up with divorice .i have two sons life is very difficult .I prayed for my husband that he leave the bad stuff but he did not .He was not for me.he was for some one else.He remarried now .I dont know how men can find but women can,t.

  4. Assalamu alaikum, i am really happy about these saying. Prophet muhd (saw) is the best in all teachings,i only pray to Allah to grant us (men) the heart to strictly adhare to his teachings for they’ll benefit us here on earth n’ in the hereafter more than anything else. Jazaakallahu kair for the note

    or use as above instead of writng(S.A.W) or in english…
    Coz today i heard in MASJID..dat whoever WRITES DAROODE PAAK ON NABI-E-PAAK MUHAMMAD SALLALLAAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM…he will b getting its benefit untilll DAROODE PAAK s written there
    .do guide me if m saying wrong…plzz.

  6. Jimoh Babatunde fatai

    I realy aprc d suprt@opinion given our fellow sister, may Allah increase our knowledge.May Allah give us strength,enough ibadah and money to care of our wife according to islam injuction.

  7. assalamualykum….w.w ahkwat…i am very sad to read all ur problem somehow i can relate to it coz my father had no more attention to my mother and to all of his daughters and sons i am so sad many years i suferd i hope and pray to ALLAH dat my father will realize dat HE have a wife and children who needs his love but hes many things doing out there likes he has no responsibilities..but still i pray 4 him dat ALLAH show hs to the ryt path and 4givs ol hs sin…nshaALLAH ol we nid is to have SABAR…..nsha allah im hoping and pray dat i will find a good husband and have a TAQWA in ALLAHU ‘SUBHAwatA’ALLAH and like the prophet MUHAMMAD sallallahu alyhi wassalam teach and its sunnah….ameen

  8. my all brothers & sisters plz remember me in ur prayerz coz my husband strikes me harmfully without ne reason!!its been five years i’m sufferring!!after my four years of marriage ALLAH bless me a son i’m sufferring his painful strikes only because of my beloved son muhammad hassan so plz pray for my husband may he get to normal soon
    Thank you!!!;(

    • Asa,
      I was sad because my husband who is soo kind and caring and thought was faithful cheated on me a year ago and for all I know more recent. But in 19 years he would never have put his hands on me. He hurt me emotionally. And that may be worse !! You are in my prayers….. My sister.

      • sister Khalilah

        Assalamu Alaikum,
        yes sister brothers do not understand the emotional pain that they cause us. Sometimes it is worse than physical pain. May Allah send you ease.


    • Muhammad Aqeel Shaukat

      Beeing devilish beeing very sharp in decieving, Takeing steps very thinkfully, there is nothing to be ashimed of or beeing wrong about what u said but its nice to be asking about forgiveness. Just try to be straight with woman and talk with them in a strict manner.

  10. Asalam alaikum to everyone.I am also goin thru frm this kind of problems.actually my hubby is doing sins that Allah almighty never ever liked n even he doesn’t talk to me properly n Iam always afraid of him.pls my brothers n sisters pray for me n suggest me tht what else I can do to stop him doing such sins.jazakallah khair!

    • Muhammad Aqeel Shaukat

      Well u should read the problems above and their solution, just dont think its a dead end, where there’s will there is a way

  11. Allah help us……where are the good husbands in this deen? I reverted from Christianity 3 yrs ago and now I dont know if marriage in Islam is good at all? I hear such terrible stories and I have been abused very much by the man I married even though he says he loves me soo much before Allah. I feel like I dont trust him after this, maybe his intentions are to use me and not because he really loves me? I am so sad I wish I had married a Christian man so I could live with trust, in Christianity it is forbidden to hurt your wife, but in Islam I have tried to talk to people but they dont seem to care about what happened to me. Every day Im reminded of what he did to me, although it is so difficult for me because I do really love him.

    • Anjum Hameed

      Sister hurting your wife is forbidden in Islam as well… and this could have happened with any christian as well… Have Faith in ALLAH ! … HE will make things alright INSHALLAH !! just have patience… ^_^ … I WILL PRAY FOR YOU ! INSHALLAH !

    • @lynn. dear sister… i m really sad to hear ur plight… feeling really sad about such muslims by name not in real that coz of their illacts , their wrong doings , the ISLAM is being targeted…. dear sister let me know that u told that u had accepted islam from christianity ( kufr)… but let me know that why did u had accepted islaam ??? was it for the ultimate truth, the love for the Allah and its RASOOL, or was it because of ur love and affection for the person who is now ur husband… ???
      from ur wordings only what seems that u never understand what islam is???? u never know the basics, n important hadeths???? u dont have any idea about the PILLARS of THE ISLAAM…??? u never tried to learn it… what i think… cause if u had accepted islam only for the sake of getting marry to the person whom u love then u never a muslim… u dont have the faith… IMAAN cant be accepted by keeping any sort of materialistic gain or interest in ur mind n thoughts… u must know that the IMAAN is the ultimate truth… its penacle of love , honour for the ALLAH n Its PROPHETS… islam is the religion of reason, logics n proofs…. its the Only TRUTH… so if u want to know what is islamm then must learn the QURAAN and HADEETH… from there only u can makeout what is right and what is wrong… dont conclude from anyones behaviour and acts…
      islaam gives u aal the rights… u must contact with the right people .. like the QAJI or the MUFTI in ur area… u must take advice from a person who has the depth knoledge about HADEETH n QURAAN… u can get the solution for sure…

      but one thing u must know that a person cant be a muslim by name , or by colour, by the region, or by birthj etc… rather a person can be a muslim only on the basis of its faith- the IMAAN…Islaam is the only relegion of the almughty… God has never other religion.. in fact from the prophet ADAM to ISHA (jesus) all the prophets only taught islaam.. there were never any other religion.. and whaever other religions are what we are seeing is he corrupted ones not with the right contents what isha, moses, nuah, abraham, josef,emanuel adam had taught…
      let me tell u that “”islamm is the religion without a single faul or error…
      never judge the religion by the acts of an individual…. u must go to the scriptures to get ur answers…
      what ur husband is doing is wrong ???
      but because of ur husband’s ill act u cant brand islaam ??????
      let u checked up that is ur husband a muslim in the respect of the principles, guidelines and the well defind parameters, shariah…. then u must ask urself ,n evaluate that are u a follower of faith.. all the answer for these can be evaluated with accuracy if u can compare ur and ur husbands acts with the defined islaamic parameters with the reference to the QURAAN n the HADEETH… ..
      my dear sister u just judge urself n ur husband first then u can see ur solution for ur problem will be there…??????
      Islaam is the ultimate truth… its the religion of reasons, logics, proof etc….
      Islaam is the religion of justice….
      every aspects of the life, the dos n donts are very well defined.. transparentin the ISLAAM…..

  12. UmMaryam

    Selams sisters. I read these and remember my 14 years of darkness in my marriage. We even divorced once. My husband made a huge step to fix what was messed up, alhamdulila as I had completely given up and wanted out. We decided to change our lives entirely, and to finally follow islam as real momens. We committed strictly to salat and dua’as, I began wearing hegab, stopped music and even tv! Alhamdulila our journey proved worth it as we are closer now then we have ever been. ALLAH changed our lives, we are so blessed alhamdulila. No more cheating, lies, or beating, alhamdulila. The man is the leader in the house, so please brothers encourage each other to make the step first to be closer to ALLAH…the man can change the mood of the house in this way. Of course, the woman should follow his lead and they both will see how beautiful this life can be while preparing for the after-life. Have hope, PRAY, try to follow the sunnah, and doors will open for you inshaALLAH (if not in this life, then the hereafter inshaALLAH!)

  13. Asalam mu caley kum all my brothers and sisters.I have a problem and I need urgent help.I am 24 year male and I want to get a wife but I am unable to find one.I would like if any brother would help me find a nice muslim sister who prays and respects her self and who wants a famly also.thnx brothers and sisters.

  14. Rukshana

    To all the sisters I know its very hard to be patient while our husband’s beating,cheating,not talking to u but sisters how can we forget this is our strength Allah has given to only women. sisters how can we forget Asia (R,A ) she leaved with Pharaoh & the women having hardship in this dunniya theire Recitaion will be with Bibi Asia an’t we lucky please sisters read about our role models for example Asia, Khadija,Aisha, Fatema,marriam (R A) & see compare to them our suffering is nothig…Oh Allah guide us to the right path Ameen..

    • sister Khalilah

      Assalamu Alaikum.
      we do not have to keep getting our butts whooped. You need to speak to the Imam and it the the Ummah’s responsibility to step to this brother. You are not a punching bag. I do not care what our sisters in the past put up with, you do not deserve to be beat. It is not in any sunnah anyplace that a wife must endure but whippings. We are on loan to our husbands and they must treat us as such. Seek help in your community sister. You are not alone.

  15. Iman Hall

    Salam Alikom to all my brothers and sisters of our wonderful Islam,, I have been through many tests this past year as a new Muslimah,and I agree that in the time of our Prophet (pbuh) were much much tougher then what we can imagine now,.. I do know Allah is my only strength, however I feel as if I am abandoned in this way of life in Islam, marriage is important to me, but I am 43 years old and feel as if muslim men even the older ones are all looking for “young” wives,,,( is there any room for us older new muslimahs) ? (or) are we just forgotten? as used and not useful anymore? but just for self serving purposes? I am sorry if i sound negative and defeated but as of this moment it seems like….. but please just make a dua for me amin …. take care from your muslim sister Iman….

    • sister Khalilah

      Assalamu Alaikum.
      I know what you mean sister, but Allah (swt) will send you a good husband in-sha-Allah. Brothers just need to remember when they are taking on multiple wives that Muslimas need husbands too. My husband is looking pursuing another wife and she is not a Muslima, and although I am not all that keen on ploygamy, I think I would have at least understood if she was Muslim. How do they even begin to start relationships with non-muslims to consider them for marriage. Allah knows best!!

  16. beautiful mind

    Abu Huraira [ ra ] narrated that the Prophet [ saw ] said: “The woman was created from a rib. She will not be straight according to your way. If you want to enjoy her, you will have to enjoy her with her twist [crookedness ]and if you try to straighten her, you would break her: and breaking her is divorcing her

    Muslim [ 1468 ]. English translation was taken from the book: “The Fragile Vessels” by Shayk Muhammad al-Jibaly [ Al-Kitaab & as-Sunnah Publishing 2005 ] , p. 44

    ~~Notice very carefully how the Prophet (pbuh) said “……she will not be straight according to your way…..”.

    The Prophet (pbuh) only pointed out that from a man’s point of view, a woman is “BENT” or not “STRAIGHTt” . Similarly, from a woman’s point of view, a man is also not “STRAIGHT”.

    The point is that a woman thinks and behaves differently than a man – it’s in her nature. So the Prophet is telling men to not try to change her inherent nature, but to understand the differences and enjoy her as she is. The husband should respect her unique feminine nature and accept her the way Allah made her, complete with the “crookedness” that means that she will not be as he wishes in some aspects. If he insists on straightening her and molding her to “his” wishes, it will be like trying to straighten a bent rib: it will break in his hands, and the breaking of a woman is divorce.

    In the same way should we read and interprete the next additional statement given by the Holy Prophet : “…and the most crooked part of a rib [ woman ] is its upper part [ head ]…”. This saying refers to the fact that the upper part [ head ] of a woman is most misunderstood by men [ or most in contrast to their male nature ] . In other words a woman is misunderstood by her husband the most in regards to the way she thinks, perceives things and emotionally reacts under various circumstances. She is most not as “HE” wishes her to be in respect to these things [ since “HE” does not understand the way she thinks ].

    The husband should realize that although a woman looks “crooked” from his point of view, she was made perfect and from Allah’s point of view there is no “crookedness” in her nature

    For this reason men should respect their unique feminine nature and “treat women well and with kindness”. Shayk Faraz Rabbani in his fatwa related to the hadith in question states:

    “……The hadith is referring to the need of women for men and the need for women for men. The rib is from the person themselves; it gives the body, heart, and soul protection; it tells us that neither men nor women complete without the other and need each other; it points to the natural attraction between each. It reminds the husband about the duty to take care of his wife and to be excellent in dealing : she is from him…….”

    O ye who believe! Ye are forbidden to inherit women against their will. Nor should ye treat them with harshness, that ye may Take away part of the dower ye have given them, – except where they have been guilty of open lewdness; on the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing, and God brings about through it a great deal of good. [Surah 4:19]

    Ab Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: A believing man should not hate a believing woman; if he dislikes one of her characteristics, he will be pleased with another.

    Saheeh Muslim -Book 008, Hadith Number 3469.Chapter : Advice in regards to woman.

    ~~*Note: ~~* This reply is extracted from the article of Brother Kevin Abdullah Karim and Brother Bassam Zawad

  17. Did the above say

    treat women kindly…

    -and then go onto say-

    …strike them gently?

    Did I read that right?

    Is this what God would want? God wants you to strike woman? How is that not a complete contradiction? God made woman so man could “strike them gently”? How do you strike something gently anyway? Who would like to explain this?

  18. Dear maurice
    From d little knowledge I have hw do u train a sturbon child which after correcting him/her 4 several times.. Go to ur dictionary and check wat it means by gentle… U r to spank dem in a non harmful way…

    • Dear Leeman,

      If any man (husband or not) ever tried to “strike me gentle” because of something I did and he didn’t like, he had better have an escape plan because the fight will be ON. I am a grown woman, not a child, and I am more than capable of defending myself against a man. If the only way he is capable of dealing with another adult is to strike them, than he should be ready to receive the same treatment. Men have always used this hadith to justify why they beat their wives. In my opinion this hadith, as well as, the hadith concerning their “right” to have up to 4 wives are among the MOST misunderstood of all the hadiths. Men need to educate themselves properly or I’m afraid the divorce rate among Muslim’s will continue to rise.

  19. And do u live in a lawless community where u get away with whateva wrong u do???

    Well if” no” then that’s what it means islam teaches all the rules to be followed in dealing with what ever problem you have…I hope ur question has been answered… May Allahsubhanahu wa ta’ala guide us to the right path…

  20. assalamu alaikum..the rights of husband is very will understand if they have deen…if anybody fear Allah…they cant do any sin.May allah inacrease the deen in all….

  21. asc,my friend has been proposed and both of her family and boys family accept but his married man,and has deen sayz he has to tell the wife before marrying and he did so,but she refused and calledthe girl and insult and says it can not happen,that their is wrong number at the end she took the mans phone and shes forcin him to stop communicate with her..well has i know deen it is acceptable to marry 4wives,so the gal she is confused and worried she does not know wat to do,because now 2days she has not heard from the man..¨please give me advice….

  22. Asalaamu alaikum sisters and brothers, alhamdulilaah, I thanl Allaj for His favors in which I do not deny. My sisters we are not punching bags, nor do we have to tolerate our husbands cheating on us. Allah created divorce and it is hated by Him as well, but He makes a way for us all. I never mean to come between a husband and wife but i will change things with my hands. There is too many sexually transmitted diseases out here for anyone to tolerate being cheated on! Sister please take responsibility for yourself you dont have to settle for the nonsense. Allah is the Revealer of all things and when something is revealed to you like that
    dont sit around and wait on it to get worst, we cause our own evil. Allahu alim! Allahu musta’an

  23. @Lynn, please remember that men are human, it does not matter what religion they follow…many christian men hurt their wives and children too. Praise be to Allah(swt) that you came to Islam!!! As a fellow revert, it warms my heart to see you here. I feel for you in your situation, it must be very hard to try and comprehend the fact that this man whom you love, could hurt you so. Do not let the shyaitan put thoughts in your mind!! It is not the religion that is at fault…it is the man-your husband!! it saddens me to hear that you have tried to reach out for help and felt letdown. Alhamdulilah, this website seems to have some good people whose intentions are good and advice is sound. Inshallah things have improved for you since you last wrote on here. Have you a local women’s group or masjiid that may have services that could assist you? I dont know you, but my heart is breaking!! Yarub, Ya Allah(swt) please grant my sisters the strength and patience to get through each day….please protect them from the hurt that is around them…please show them how best to deal with their situations….Amiin. And Allah(swt) knows best.

  24. asalaamu alaykum brothers and sisters,
    I’m sorry however, I don’t understand what this means:

    “be patient with women knowing that they cannot be straightforward always, and knowing that they are acting by their very nature; therefore, insisting on the straightforwardness of woman to the ideal level”.

    What is meant by “cannot be straightforward always”, is this to imply that women are not as honest, trustworthy, or truthful as men? Or is this to imply that women are not as mentally focused or as intelligent as men? Please explain this because as a college graduate with multiple degrees, mother, and a police officer, I am having some difficulties with the wording of this article.

    JazakAllah khair

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