The Rights of Allaah (SWT)

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Author: Zohra Sarwari


The rights of Allaah (SWT) are many.  SubhanAllaah imagine, it is because of Him we are here, because of Him we have everything we need and so much more.  This means to us that we need to make sure that His rights are at the highest.  That we obey Him and make sure that in everything we do His rights are met first and foremost.  What I will be discussing in this article is three things inshAllaah.  Allaah (SWT) as our Creator, Allaah (SWT) as our sustainer, and Allaah (SWT)’s commands on us.  These three things alone could be 1000’s of pages, however for the purpose of time, and for the benefit of everyone inshAllaah I will be condensing this article to only a few pages.

Allaah (SWT) as our Creator.  It is only because of Allaah (SWT) that we are in this dunya.  Nothing and none one exists unless Allaah (SWT) wills it.  It is only because of Allaah (SWT) that we even came to be.  So, He decided for us to be born, put us in our mother’s womb, and took care of us while we were there.  Once we were born, He made sure we had enough sustenance to be taken care of.  He knows everything we are going through, our deepest fears, and what makes us happy.  He knows our strengths and our weaknesses and He knows which path we are choosing to take.  He sees and hears everything, and knows us better than we know ourselves.  I have listed a few verses for all of us to reflect on inshAllaah as Allaah (SWT) our Creator.

“And He it is Who created the night and the day, and sun and the moon. They float each in an orbit… And from among His signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Prostrate not to the sun nor to the moon, but prostrate to Allaah Who created them, if you (really) worship Him.”(The Quraan Chapter 21: Verse: 33, and Chapter 41: Verse 37) 

“He has created man: He has imparted unto him articulate thought and speech. [At His behest] the sun and the moon run their appointed courses; the stars and the trees prostrate themselves [before Him]. And the skies has He raised high, and has devised [for all things] a measure, so that you [too, O men,] might never transgress the measure [of what is right]: weigh, therefore, [your deeds] with equity, and cut not the measure short!”(The Quraan Chapter 55: Verses 3-9) 

“It is Allah Who created life and death that you may prove yourself worthy in your deeds.” (The Quraan Chapter: 67: Verse 2) 

“Such is Allah, your Lord. There is no god except Him, the Creator of all things, so serve Him. And He takes care of all things.”(The Quraan Chapter: 6: Verse 102) 

My dearest sisters I want you to reflect on the verses above, of why Allaah (SWT) created us, and what He expects from us.  We were created simply to serve Him the way He has asked to be served.  He has given us all of his rules either through the Quraan or the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAW).  It is the duty of each one of us to go out there and learn it inshAllaah, to make sure we are on the right path.

Allaah (SWT) as our sustainer.  Allaah (SWT) is not only the one who created us, but He is the one who takes care of us at all times.  You see as humans and Muslims, many of us have very little knowledge about who Allaah (SWT) really is and His attributes.

Allaah (SWT) tells us:

“Say: ‘Who gives you sustenance from the heavens and the Earth?’ Say: ‘It is Allaah.’” [Sūrah Saba`: 24] 

Allaah says: “O humankind! Remember Allah’s grace toward you! Is there any creator besides Allaah who provides for you from the heavens and the Earth? There is no God save Him. How then are you turned away?” [Sūrah Fātir: 3] 

SubhanAllaah hearing this, one should know that there is no one like Allaah (SWT).  However, you must remember that this does not contradict us working for a living.  You see one of the rights that Allaah (SWT) has over us, is us being able to work for a living and taking care of our families.  He does not want us to be lazy and sit around for handouts.  He wants us to earn a living, and that is why earning a living to take care of our families is also known as ibida when done for the sake of Allaah (SWT).  However, you must understand that at times we work hard, but we see no results from our hard work, and that is ok.  That does not mean that we quit working hard, it only means we need to humble ourselves and keep working hard while asking Allaah (SWT) to bless our time and money and help us by giving us barakah in our money and time. 

Allaah says: “Who is it that will give you sustenance if He should withhold His sustenance? Nay, but they are set in pride and frowardness.”

[Sūrah al-Mulk: 21] 

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to beseech his Lord with the supplication: “O Allah! There is no one to prevent what You choose to give, and no one to give what You choose to withhold. And no one’s efforts will avail them against Your will.”[Sahīh al-Bukhārī and Sahīh Muslim ] 

While we all know that our wealth and what we own does not bring us true happiness or true benefit.  We tend to forget that it is Allah (SWT) who either gives it to us or takes it away from us.  If He chooses to give, no one can take it away from us, and if He chooses to take it away from us, no one can help us.  SubhanAllaah.  However, this does not mean that we stop working hard, and think whatever comes my way, that is what I will get.  We must work hard, and take advantage of the opportunities that Allaah (SWT) puts in our path.  Weather those opportunities are successful or not, that is up to the Almighty.  However we must still do our part inshAllaah.  What is vital to remember is that we do not put our faith in the opportunities.  Our faith and trust must be placed with Allaah (SWT).  We must always have Taqwa (consciousness of Allaah swt) in all that we do, and ask Him for guidance for the correct path.  You see as humans we might be thinking a certain path is correct for us, whereas it might not be.  We can never be certain of it, so we take a path that we think is most fit for us, while praying for guidance from Allaah (SWT).   Our goals should always be aligned with pleasing our Lord, and since we know that he is our sustainer, we should be content with whatever outcome He gives us.  We own nothing, including ourselves.  Everything belongs to Allaah (SWT); we only possess it for a limited time, while we are on earth.  We must always remember this, inshAllaah.  I want you to think for a moment of all of Allaah (SWT)’s creatures,     and how each one has food SubhanAllaah.  Allaah swt provides for all of us, weather we reflect on it or not, it is true.

Allaah (SWT)’s command on us.  You know as a child I never understood this, and always thought Allaah (SWT) wanted us to be kind and nice, and not lie, or steal.  I thought SubhanAllaah His commands were very few.  I truly did not understand all that He had requested from us, until I became much older and discovered Islaam as an adult.  When I began studying Islaam is when I realized how far I was from obeying His commands.  SubhanAllaah.  So you may be asking Zohra what are the commands of Allaah (SWT) on us?  Well there are many, and all of them are in line with our way of life.  The commands are not very difficult once we understand the underlying reasons of each one.  At first for a person who is so absorbed in dunya it may seem hard to obey these rules, for they have been doing the opposite all of their lives.  However, sisters once you submit with your full heart and soul, and start to implement these  commands then inshAllaah you will see that not only are you happier, but life seems so much more fulfilling.  We were created a certain way, and if we as humans went with that natural way, then there would be no fighting ourselves.  Allaah knows best.  I will mention a list of 10 commands as a reminder inshAllaah!

  1. Do not make partners with Allaah (SWT).
  2. Fulfilling the 5 prayers daily.
  3. Fasting in the Month of Ramadan.
  4. Paying Zakat to the poor.
  5. Planning a pilgrimage to hajj.
  6. Treating your parents with kindness and gentleness.
  7. Do not go near Zinna, Adultery, backbiting, slander, etc.
  8. Wearing the hijab.
  9. Being just and fair in all situations.
  10.  Controlling our tongues at all times.

This is not all of Allaah (SWT)’s commands, but 10 of the most important ones.  There are many more, however due to time, I will only focus on these 10 inshAllaah.  While we all may have heard of these commands, are we following them to the best of our abilities?  Think about.  Reflect on your life daily, how many of us truly follow all of them, and if you can admit to not following all of them, then maybe it is time that we began working on the areas where we are weak inshAllaah. 

After all Allaah (SWT) created us, give us sustenance and He commands us to do good, and stay away from evil.  How can we not obey?  A true believer submits in Islaam, there is no questioning Allaah (SWT)’s commands, if something may seem difficult to obey right away we must work on it daily inshAllaah and pray to Allaah (SWT) to help us follow His rights, His commands.  He knows what is best for us, and should we actually follow His advice then inshAllaah we will have success in this life and the hereafter, inshAllaah!


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