The Suitable Age For Marriage?

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By Pure Matrimony -

What is the suitable age for marriage for men and women, because some young women do not accept marriage from those who are older than them? Likewise, some men do not marry women who are older than them. We request a response and may Allah reward you with goodness.

Answer: I advise young women not to refuse marriage from a man due to his age, such as being ten, twenty or thirty years older than her. This is not a reason, because the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi was salam, married ‘A’ishah, may Allaah be pleased with her, when he was fifty-three years old and she was a girl of nine years old. So being older does not harm. There is no sin in the woman being older, nor any sin in the man being older, because the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi was salam, married Khadijah, may Allaah be pleased with her, when she was forty years old and he was twenty-five years old, before the Revelation came to him, sallallaahu alayhi was salam; that is, she, may Allaah be pleased with her, was fifteen years older than him. Then he married ‘A’ishah, may Allaah be pleased with her, when she was small – six or seven years old and he was fifty-three years old.

Many of those who speak on the radio or television deter people from marriage between men and women of differing ages – this is all wrong & saying such things is not permissable for them. It is obligatory for a woman to look at the (prospective) husband, and if he is righteous and suitable, she should agree, even if he is older than her. Similarly, a man should devote himself to finding a righteous, religious woman, even if she is older than him, if she is still young and still fertile. In short, the age should not be an excuse and it should not be considered something shameful, as long as the man is righteous and the woman is righteous. May Allaah reform the situation of us all.

Shaykh `Abdul-`Azeez Bin Baz

Fatawa Islamiyah, volume 5, The Book of Marriage, page 169-170

40 Comments to The Suitable Age For Marriage?

  1. Alahamdulillah, this is just a reminder to our brothers & sisters in islam. Thanks for the wide coverage of lslamic religion

  2. Marriage is one of sunnah Rasul…So as a moslem we have 2 do it marriage is purposed to find Allah ridha..

  3. Marriage is one of sunah Rasul..So as a moslem we have to follow…Marriage is purposed to find Allah ridha..

  4. I am new to Islam! I do not attend Mosque, because I don’t know if it is appropriate to go before Allah (pbuh) in prayer where men and women pray together under one roof. I need guidance!

    • @ Tonja – You do not mention ur own gender but from what i feel I don’t think it’s right for men and women to offer pray together under one roof, I am a muslim girl and this is the same reason i do not go to mosque to read and prefer to read at home, however for men its compulsary to attend mosque and should try their best to offer prayer at mosque, I would advice you to discuss your issues with some scholar im sure he/she wil be very happy to help you 🙂
      Also little correction pbuh is used for prophet (pbuh) not Allah (sw)

      • Mobeen,

        Aslaakum Wasalaam! I am a female, and I want to thank you for correcting me. I continue to read and pray at home. I don’t know many of the Islam faith. I am currently seeking a scholar now.

        • actually it doesnt matter if you pray in the mosque there’s no sin upon you for doing so, because the Prophet salallahu alaihi wa salam even said in a hadith that you should not prevent your women from attending the masjid. And Umar ibn al Khattab (the Prophets bestfriend) radiallahu anhu actually didn’t prefer for his wife to go to the masjid, but he didnt prevent her from going because he knows that the Prophet salallahu alaihi wasalam said that it’s okay, Also back then when the masjid was built, it was all just one floor so you would imagine that women did still go there at the time, so theres nothing wrong with a woman going to the masjid 🙂 Im a girl too 🙂


        Mobeen-You dont know much about Islam.So don’t suggest the people .try to learn more and accurate knowledge of Islam from Sahi Ahaadeeths or from famous scholars and suggest to those about what you know exactly according to sahi ahadeeths.

    • @ tonja please you join DAWATE ILALLAH(tabligh) inshallah you should learn every thing in easy way

    • Asalamalaykum Tonja,
      If i understand your questions correctly, i guess u r asking about praying in the Mosque where there are both men and women under the same roof. Well in Islam, it is compulsory for Muslim men to pray in the Mosque, except when then are sick or they want to observe Nawafil. As for the Muslim woman, it is more rewarding for her to pray in the corner of her room, but she should not also be restricted from the mosque if she wishes to go, provided she observes the correct Hijab and does not mix freely with the men. Also the rows for the Men and Women should be separated.
      So i dont see any reason u cant pray in the mosque where both sexes pray, cos i’ve never heard of a Male only nor female only mosque.

      PS: i answered to the best of my knowledge, hence whatever mistakes therein is not from me, but from the Shaitan. MAy Allah forgive my shortcomings. Amin

  5. @toja, i will advice u u to meet some islamic scholars to guide u through because for new converts u have to take a birth i.e purify urself and it is very easy. assuming i know ur gender,i would have loved to put u through. be assure that u have made a wise decision in ur life.
    sallam alehikum

  6. 10 yrs makes sense..but 20 or 30 yrs difference…thats a whole generation gap!!..i agree the prophet married Khadija when he was 25 and Aisha when she was only 9..but that was back then and that was the prophet..Islam is a religion that has withstood the test of time, its dynamic in a when it comes to marriage today..lets be more realistic!

    • aoa. i read in a Hadis that Prophet himself suggested somebody to marriage a girl who is younger in age when the person was asking for marriage for old lady

      • That was a specific situation where the person in question was young but he had married an older women to help take care of his many orphaned sisters. And after the person explained his reasoning, the Prophet SWS told him that he had made a good decision.

    • Muslim_Always

      @ Anonymous: Are you suggesting that Islam should change with the times?

      No my friend this is dangerous, human needs are always the same.

      • Yes but a 9 year old is still a baby and should not have to deal with the kind of things a older woman would have to deal with being married. I think it is sick to think of a grown man bedding a 9 year old baby! GROSS!!!

  7. it’s not normal 2 marry 6 or 7 years old girl. she is still a child. i dnt believe that our prophet(pbuh) 53 years old could marry 6 years old Aisha.

    • offense but..whn ur in Islam..u shouldn’t say ”I dun believe…” bcoz tht’s not allowed..i mean its considered a sin..i’d like to share an info that ‘yes’ its true..The prophet(S.A.W) HAD married Hazrat Aisha when she was quiet young n he was older but i dun really knw abt their Exact ages.but its true tht had hapend.Our prophet (S.A.W) had married several times wid difrent kind of women just to show US that marriage is allowed in what difrent cases.We can marry older or younger ppl except for ‘choice’ is another thing n well..thr r different other cases too..

  8. I wish the thought that a girl cannot marry a guy 3 or 4 years younger than him vanishes from our society.. many people have suffered losses due to this baseless thought.. May Allah give wisdom to the people having such narrow thinking and given every girl and guy whatever is good for them.. Ameen !!

  9. As salamu alaikum wtb Please, do not slander Prophet Muhammad pbuh. He left examples for us to follow. A 9yr old at that 1400 yrs ago were fully mature like how a 21 yr old girl is today. 12 yrs old boys then use to lead an army of 1000s, they were mature like our 23 yr old guys. They were much stronger physically and spiritually. Also girls are able to give birth from 9yrs upwards. Hence puberty. They were in deserts at that time and Aisha (ra) the mother of believers use to teach the hadith and also she never objected marrying early. So please girls and guys be mature, it is wisdom that u will not understand untill u fully submit to the will of Allah (swt).

    • hey..this is true…All such incidents of the earlier times and the laws made from that time have undergone certain modifications according to the change of times..!Not COMPLETELY though!

  10. salamu alaykum.
    it is not permissible to speak badly of the rasul (pbuh) or to disbelieve in the hadith in islam. I think we should always say what is good or be silent. every individual has his or her own preferences. the rasul (pbuh) is merely a guide for us. afterall it is not haram for you to refuse to marry a particular man or a particular girl. May Allah guide our actions. amin

  11. Assalam Alaika my Brother In Islam, there is nothing wrong praying in a same mosque with women. But ensure that there is a demacation inbetween you to avoid seeing and body contact.

  12. Jazakumlah khaeran @Abdulah n indeed everyone….Full understanding n comprehension of d Qur’an & hadith is a spiritual height attainable easily or only by total n absolute submission to Allah(swt)’ will……Muslims shld desist from tryin 2make sense or justify d reported actions of our most noble rasul(pbuh) n d sahabas for d Qur’an was affirmative in dt he(muhammad) was d best thereof of mankind….wat is advised however is investigating hw authentic a particular hadith is…we shld remember shaytan(laanatulah alaehi) is eva ready 2do battle wt our iman(faith). May Allah(swt) forgve our sins n always set our affairs right. Ameen!

  13. Asalamu aleikum brothers and sisters.thanks 4 everything, it’s good to get married please pray for me to find a suitable man to marry.

  14. I’m a little confused reading the article , first the article mentioned 9 , then 6 or 7 ? which is aishah’s real age? I always thought that she got married when she was about 6 or 7 .

  15. Great post.Well is marriage is Sunat-e- Rasol, every man and women when he/she become balig than marriage is necessary for him/her.Marriage is a process where man women combine with each other and become one according to teaching of Quran.

  16. asslam alekum..kindly guid me any best way to learn din e islam on internet.i.e, shar any link.coz i cant go anywher to study.jazakallah

  17. I hope people actually understand such clear concepts laid in Islam and followed by our Prophet(PBUH)…than why cant we follow Sunnah.

  18. Yes it is fine! Please tell me what’s wrong with it, besides what the west says. Mind you! this lady in topic Nana Aisha(Mother of the Faithfuls) turned out to be renowned for her scholarship among both men and women of the time. Say no to Western Brainwashing.

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