Things in a wedding that are totally not worth it

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Author: Sabha


There are very few things that every girl expects since they are all distinct people and that is her wedding.

Some girls dream of their perfect wedding, starting when they are toddlers, teenagers, planning for a wedding like Cinderella and Prince- Charming.

Imaginary wedding destinations, white gowns, photography, videography, luxurious cars, heavy carotte rings, extravagant floral decorations, stylish invitation cards, expensive wedding cakes. The fascination continues when they grow up to be a woman.

But are these things requisite for a wedding? Without the above things, can’t a couple live a happy life? Will people badmouth your wedding style? 

What do you mean by legal wedding?- Since legal marriage is all about a license, an eyewitness, an officiant, Mehar that’s it.

The fascination, extravagance, profligating money just for one whole day.

Spendthrift is not honouring, whereas it is a shame. Who will bother about your wedding?

Who is going to help you financially?

At last, it is your life, your satisfaction and your money. If you are happy with your marriage life with no financial crisis, it is more than enough.

In order to clear the debt, you might work night and day. The financial crisis is the first stage of arguments.


The flowers used as decor for marriages might not even live for a couple of days. It gets withered.



Are there any rules that the bridegroom should only travel in luxurious cars on the day of the wedding?



I used to watch ‘Say yes to the dress.’ But I did not like the programme as days passed. I agree that you need to look beautiful on the day of the wedding, but why do you want to spend a thousand dollars for a cloth which you will not use again and it will be sleeping in your wardrobe.

There are so many YouTube videos on how to get a wedding dress at minimum dollars.



You don’t need to get a costly ring to show how much you love each other. The ring is just an identity but doesn’t make a ring as your symbol of love.



When I watched the movie Bride Wars, I was astonished how people spend their savings on wedding cakes. People might search for mouth-watering dishes, and they might neglect the cakes.

You can go with a simple cake or get doughnuts to impress the guests.



 When a person has a DSLR camera, he/she is called a professional photographer or videographer. But to be very honest, I find the cameras of cellphones are far better than the DSLR. 



  Spending dollars for invitation cards is a waste of money. Instead, you can watch some YouTube channels like DIY invitation cards and you can create your cards and invite your friends. 

You can avoid people who are not very close to you too.


You can try to avoid spending money on unrequited things and save it for your future so that you will be financially secured.

In the novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. The oldest sister Margaret March married John Brooke. Her ring, dress, decor and cakes, everything looks simple. Finally, her husband saves money to get their own house.

It is all about how much you love, care, respect each other. The grand marriage is not an identity to show how much you love each other.


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