Things that every husband expects from his wife

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Author: Sabha



Marriage life for men is not only about romance, but it is also more than that. A romance can not fulfil all the pleasures and aspects of life. Moreover, the husband expects lots from his wife.

Solely romance does not conclude with a happy ending and the best life. Marriage life is more than a romance and a man expects so much from a woman to spice up the wedding life.

Men are short-tempered than women. Their mood swings randomly. But a man is intellectual in his speaking skill than a woman. 

When you compare a male and female politician, you might find the difference in effective communication.

Man expects not only romance from his wife. But he expects more than that. The expectations might vary according to each and every individual.

A good listener- All men expect this from a woman. Maybe it’s because they feel they are superior by birth, or it is their behaviour. Usually, girls are a wag. When we girls chat, we might start with a topic and end with the other topic. Sometimes, we don’t allow or give a chance to the other people to speak. Girls who have this attitude please change it.

If you want a man to bond with you and become more intimate with you, connect with him where he’s most happy and excited to share with you. A man might notice that you’re listening to him and that you’re engaging with him about things he cares about–and that draws him closer to you. Only when you listen to him, he might reveal his identity.

They expect positive energy.

  •  Good Vibes- Having a positive and good vibe is really important. A woman should not have a negative vibe, especially when the husband turns late to home. A positive vibe from you can make your husband feel positive. If you pester or keep complaining to your husband, then that leads to negative vibes.
  • Dreams and Goals- A wife should not only be a person for romance and parenting. She should possess her own dreams and goals because once you have your own goal and dreams your husband might understand what you are capable of and he will be surely interested in supporting your dreams and goals. Sometimes, it will happen that he will drop his job and show a keen interest in yours.  
  • Compatible- A relationship should be more compatible. If you and your husband have some misunderstandings, try to overcome it. Instead of complaining and nagging, etc….
  • Sharing and Helping- A husband might need some help from his wife. Especially when he is under so much pressure. During this time you should try to give him little ideas instead of watching Television or focussing on your makeup or your goals. The help can be done physically or financially too.
  • Attractive- A husband should get attracted to his wife. So when the husband comes home look attractive and beautiful. Instead of being lethargic or having a sick face.

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