things which you should not compromise in your relationship

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Author: Sabha


Marriage is sharing your life with another person, the marriage life is all about facing challenges.  It also takes work, commitment, and love, but they also need respect to be happy and successful.

Respecting, favouring, admiring, sacrificing, honouring, applauding, and appreciating etc… are essential emotions for the successful relationship. It makes your relationship healthy.

The couples must balance the above emotions perfectly. Too much of anything is worthless. Moreover, a marriage based on love and respect does not just happen.

Respect and love for a spouse are like having two eyes. So husband and wife need and require respect and love in both the personal space and in society.

Do not compromise:

A husband and wife will have their own thoughts, beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences. These can have both a negative or positive influence on the relationship. But while a relationship is about understanding and sometimes giving instead of getting. There are a few things you should never compromise in a relationship.

Flexibility is essential in marriage life, but that should be only to a certain extent. When you compromise on the things which you desire, compromise on things which shapes you, that’s when the relationship becomes unhealthy.

Do not compromise on the following things:

  • A great partner should accept respect, friendly, welcoming and honour your family. Only when he/she is good with your family and friends, then he/she is perfect. Never compromise on sacrificing your family and good friendship. If he/she avoids your family and friends, then he/she is dominating and imposing rules.
  • Never compromise on your passions and hobbies. If it obsesses your spouse to do something, allow them to do. Though it is big or small. If you and your spouse do not have the same taste, it does not matter in the relationship.
  • Your partner should care about both your physical and mental health. A partner should never pressure the spouse mentally and physically. If your partner is constantly toying with your emotions and pestering though you are ill, then you’re compromising your mental health.
  • A partner should adore your talents, though you do not expose. He/she should care and nourish on the platforms which makes you happy.
  • If you marry a person who does not belong to your nation, language, status or culture you should continue with them. Your identity speaks and proves, so if your partner does not respect or asks you to leave your identity, do not compromise be proud of what you are and what you have.
  • Do not compromise your goals. Because you might have worked hard vigorously for reaching your goal. So do not compromise your research or goal, which you were doing from the past 25 years. He/she should support his/her spouse because supporting each other is the first lesson of the relationship.

Remember that in Magnets north pole and north pole repels whereas north pole and south pole attracts. So it does not mean that you both should have the same taste in wealth, health, profession, etc…

Sometimes working for the same branch and profession brings or paves the way for egos and clashes. Accept different and unique things. Because it attracts and does not boredom.


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