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By Pure Matrimony -

7 signs to look for to Stay Positive

There comes a time in every believer’s life when they feel like nothing is going in the right direction. Everything seems to be falling apart. You get worried and have nowhere to go. The condition of your heart and mind is unexplainable. The closest to you are also unable to understand. You smile but you are not happy, you continue life with discontentment in your heart. We have all been there at least once in our life. But still, we fail to comfort ourselves and each other in times like this. 

But as a believer, we should always try to seek refuge in remembering Allah SWT and ask Him to ease our pain and sorrow. He is surely the ever hearing and ever listening. 

Here are some tips and ways to stay positive and keep reminding yourself that Allah SWT’s help is near and you are not alone in this. 

  • “Whatever you going through will pass, like the night this pain will not last forever but the sun will soon rise. Let this be your sign. 
  • Let this be the reminder that you are loved beyond the grasp of human language that you are seen without eyes without the need for light.
  • Allah sees you perfectly without limitations. Allah cares about you entirely, Allah sees your pain, Allah sees the pain that nobody else sees. Allah is with you at this very moment. Allah loves you exactly as you are at this very moment.
  • He does not need to wait for a future where you are perfect to love you, Allah loves you now. Allah loves you enough to drum your heart into a beat moment by moment. Allah loves you enough to allow the breath of life to flow through you.
  • You are chosen. If your heart has a pulse, your life has a purpose. So show up, turn to Allah and be real because as they say Allah cannot heal who you pretend to be. So bring your true face before Him, bring your rawness, bring your sincerity, bring your sadness, bring your anger bring whatever is in your heart and allow Him to transform you from the inside out.


This is your sign. Turn back to God because He is and has always been and will always be waiting for you to receive the endless ocean of His love”. 

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