Tip Of The Week: Lies Keep The Angels Of Mercy Away

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By Pure Matrimony -

The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “When a person tells a lie, the bad smell that comes out of the lie keeps the angels one mile away.” [Tirmidhi]

How often do we lie to others in the hope of absolving ourselves of something we have done wrong or to get them people to agree to something? Lying to children in particular is something many parents do for a variety of different reasons, however, it is narrated:

Once a Sahabiah called her son in telling him that she wanted to give him something. The Prophet (SAW) then asked her if she had in fact given anything to her son. She replied that she had given him a date. The Prophet (SAW) told her that if she had not given him anything she would have been recorded as lying to her child.

Lying weakens the imaan and prevents the angels of mercy from coming towards us to protect us. We should at all times be mindful that Allah SWT is ever-watchful over what we do and should never deliberately or intentionally lie, lest we become noted as liars in the akhirah. May Allah SWT protect us all, ameen.

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