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Abu Hurairah (RA), related that ‘The Prophet SAW said: ‘Avoid the seven most dangerous things.’ The Companions asked: ‘O Messenger of Allah! What are these things?’  He, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam answered:

‘Making anyone or anything a partner of Allah; practicing magic; killing a living being whose life has been declared sacred by Allah without justification; practicing usury; misappropriating the property of an orphan; running away from the infidels in a battle; and slandering chaste, innocent, believing women.’ (Bukhari and Muslim)

Allah SWT sent Islam as a Mercy to mankind and gave us laws to abide by so we may become better people. However, how many of the deadly acts mentioned above do Muslims do on a daily basis?

Some of the most common acts that occur within the Muslim community include:

–          Magic is now commonplace and is said to affect up to 80% of homes

–          Practising usury (taking and giving interest)

–          Slandering chaste women

–          Ascribing partners to Allah (usually through grave worship)

Subhan’Allah, as a community, if we fail to uphold the laws of Allah, then Allah SWT will never help us in the akhirah. May Allah SWT protect us all from these evil sins ameen.


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