Tip Of The Week: The Qur'an Is A Mercy For ALL Of Your Problems

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By Pure Matrimony -

Allah SWT has given us every answer to our daily problems through the miracle of the Qur’an. As the last few nights remain for Ramadan, you should be reciting the Qur’an in abundance and using the specific surahs in the Qur’an to alleviate your problems.

You should recite the following:

  • Surah Mulk after magrib to protect you from the trials of the grave
  • First 10 ayahs of Surah Kahf to protect you from Dajjal
  • Last 10 ayahs of Surah Baqrah to protect you from evil
  • Surah Yasin to invoke Allah’s mercy
  • Surah Waqiah to protect you from poverty
  • Aytul Qursi in the morning, evening and after each salah to protect you from all evil
  • Surah Taha to make dua for whatever you need
  • Surah Fatiha as a mercy for healing sickness

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