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Abu Hurairah said that Rasulullah SAW said : “Beware of envy, for envy devours good (deeds) like fire devours firewood”. ( Abu Dawud )

Envy is considered to be one of the seven deadly sins that was originally mentioned by the early Christians as something to avoid at all costs – and quite rightly so. Envy is worse than being jealous. Jealousy is not being happy about someone having something good.

Envy is much worse, since those who it in their hearts can never want anything good for you and take pleasure in seeing others fail at something they want so much themselves. History is littered with examples of men and women who even killed because of their envious rage.

The cure for envy and jealousy is to make dua for the person whom you envy and pray that Allah SWT gives THEM more – that’s because Allah’s promise is that when you make dua for your brother, the angels say AMEEN for you to be blessed with that too. This is a win-win situation because you BOTH benefit from this.

In reality it’s a much harder thing to do, but helps to weed out the evil from your heart. May Allah SWT make us all amongst those who love each other for the sake of Allah and want what’s best for our family and friends ameen. 

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