Tip Of The Week- Look To The Heavens For Signs When Your Faith Is Weak

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Pure Matrimony

Next time you feel your faith wavering for whatever reason, then look to the heavens for the signs of Allah. Remember that Allah SWT has given us signs in everything – including giving us hope through the rainbow and also showing us the door to Jannah from Earth:

‘Abbas (RA) said, “The Milky Way is one of the gates of heaven. The rainbow is security from being destroyed by flood after the people of Noah.” Ibn Kawwa’ asked ‘Ali about the Milky Way. He said, “It is the Sharaj from which the heaven opens up flowing water Ibn ‘Abbas (RA) said, “The rainbow is security for the people of the earth that they will not be drowned. The Milky Way is the door of the heavens and forms a furrow through it.” The above three hadith were reported from Imam Bukhari’s book al-Adab al-Mufrad.

Shaikh Al Albaani declared its isnaad ‘Saheeh’ then commented:

“The ‘Sharaj’ of a valley is its expansive wider opening (i.e. its mouth, its broad beginning)”

Upon the authority of Ibn Abbaas (RA) also said: “The Milky Way is the door of the heavens and the splitting of the heavens will begin from it (i.e on the day of Judgement)”

(Bukhari, Shaikh Albaani declared its isnaad ‘Saheeh’)

We’re blessed that thanks to modern day science, we can see pictures of the Milky Way – may Allah SWT grant us ALL jannat-ul-firdous ameen.

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