Tip Of The Week- The Virtues of The Fajr Sunnah

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Aisha(RA) relates in an authentic hadith that the Prophet SAW said, “The two [sunna] cycles (rak`ats) of the morning prayer are better than the world and what it contains’’ [Muslim]

Imam Nawawi confirmed that yes, performing these cycles (rak`ats) is better than the world and all of the things within it.

Can you imagine the blessings that this sunnah act carries! Subhan’Allah! The believers are truly blessed in a way that no one else could even begin to imagine!

Reading the two sunnahs is better than the world because the world will be destroyed in the end, so everything that you take for granted in this life will perish.  However, the reward of performing these two sunna cycles (rak`ats) will be repaid in abundance with Allah in the next life which is eternal.

This is why this is a highly stressed sunnah. According to the scholars, the two sunnahs MUST be prayed before the obligatory Fajr prayer – this is a confirmed sunnah, and some scholars have said these two sunnahs are actually wajib.

This is because this is a prayer that was rarely missed by the Messenger of Allah SAW, who regarded the pre-Fajr sunnah prayer to be “more beloved to me than the whole world.”

It’s important to note that the criteria for the validity of the two sunnahs is to pray them BEFORE fajr and NOT to miss them. Praying them AFTER the Fard prayer would count as a bidah. And Allah knows best.

May Allah SWT give us all the tawfeeq to offer this prayer to the best of our ability – ameen!

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