Tips to maintain a long term relationship

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Author: Sabha



Many couples believe that a relationship can not stay for a long time. Especially, the young couple complains that their relationship is not healthy.

Sometimes, the rush of falling in love and trusting someone is not permanent.

When we decide the right time and food to eat, it is our responsibility to maintain a long-term relationship.

We eat nutritious food to maintain our body fit and healthy similarly, we should take proper steps to maintain our relationship healthier for a longer period.

When it comes to a long-term relationship with a partner we chose, we can maintain the thrill of being in love, and deepen our feelings of passion and intimacy.

Staying in love means taking the hard road. It means challenging and facing our subconscious. Fighting for a relationship means being stubborn about not getting in our way of staying close to someone else.

How to maintain a long-term relationship?

  • Show how much you love your partner- Just by saying I Love you baba or darling is not enough. You should spend time with each other, talking- it is the influential part to keep a relationship healthy. Giving eye contacts, smiling at each other, holding hands, eating together, encouraging and boosting will definitely help in maintaining a long-term relationship.


  • Identity- Insulting, mocking, hurting should be avoided in a relationship. When you are getting close to someone, you should not lose respect or demotivate by thinking you are not fit for anything.


  • Engaging- When a partner gives feedback or reasons that this is wrong and worthless, the other partner should not be defensive. Perhaps he/she should oblige or accept the fact. If their reasons or ideas are bitter, you can tell them slowly, instead of nodding your head for the happiness of your spouse.

Sharing time:

  • Time together- spending time together is the most crucial situation for couples because of the hectic schedule. During weekends, couples can spend their time laughing, smiling, giving eye-contacts, joyful, cooking, talking about their childhood memories but try to avoid speaking on negative emotions. Do not roam out with your friends or go shopping.
  • Experiences- Love doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Helping each other physically and financially matters a lot to maintain a long-term relationship. It thrives a lot and solely by helping you will understand your partner’s weakness and you can try to enhance your partner’s skill by various psychological methods.
  • Generous- Being generous even with the small gifts is requisite in a relationship. So don’t forget to be generous with your spouse. Being generous will make you feel warm toward your partner and good about yourself too.




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