Tips to overcome insecurities in the relationship

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha


Insecurities in marriage life are very common. Ranging from jealousy to controlling behaviour, relationship insecurity can manifest itself in many destructive ways. Additionally, they create an unhealthy relationship.

Misunderstandings are not common only in the relationship. Perhaps they are common among friends and relatives too.

Seldom we abhor persons because of our misunderstanding. We also try to gossip about him/her to so and so. We might put lots of negative thoughts and ideas into the person’s mind who already have a negative influence on them.

Imagine a lamp, the glass is your relationship; the fire is your love, and the oil is your day to day challenging life and the dust which forms because you don’t care to wipe is the misunderstanding.

So we can only remove the dust only when we take a piece of cloth and wipe so similar is the misunderstandings. Only when you wipe or erase, the relationship will be brighter and healthy or else it will be dark and filthy.

Challenging ways to overcome the insecurities in the relationship:

The main reason for the insecurities is the comparison. So stop comparing yourself with other people. In today’s world comparison creates so much vengeance. Few people will nerve as if we compare them with the other person. Especially in the physical appearance.

Stop to self-hate. Every time appreciates your work and task. People never appreciate what they have. Just remember you are a different and unique wife or husband.

Build confidence. If you had any bad memories from your past try to remove it. Especially after divorce or break up, many will have insecurities in the new relationship.

After a bad past doesn’t feel scared to trust people. Find out what is really bothering you to patch up with him/her. Ask questions to remove the anxiety and overthinking from your heart.

Value your spouse. Do not have the policy of giving and taking back. If they give little attention to you, it’s okay, you work hard to win their hearts. Stop for attention-seeking or being stubborn.

Do not have the same mentality and assumptions from your past. Instead, find your strengths and weakness and start working on it to divert your mind.

Last but not the least, start loving yourself, look at your physical beauty. Pour your love on the spouse, on the other hand, start loving yourself too.

Handle the situation effectively. Be aware of how to talk and behave with your spouse. Share what made your relationship fall or break up, do not feel scared to reveal the secrets though the fault is in you.


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