Tired of Being Single?

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Source : mentalhealth4muslims.com :’Tired of being single’By Hosai Mojaddidi & Dr. Nafisa Sekandari

By Hosai Mojaddidi & Dr. Nafisa Sekandari

“Relationship idolatry happens when we place too much emphasis on our relationships rather than working on our own self-realization. What you might think you should get from a relationship (a sense of peace, love, and security) is really only attainable by getting in touch with your spiritual nature.” –Kathy Freston

Are you single? Do you feel like you’ve exhausted the Muslim “singles” pool and still can’t seem to find “The One”? Well, you’re definitely not alone. Although there isn’t any hard data available, as evidenced by the increasing number of Muslim match-making websites as well as events across mosques and Islamic centers nationwide, the number of single Muslims, particularly single Muslim women, is certainly on the rise. Consequently, some communities are seeing cases of depression, low self-esteem and anxiety among unwed women and men also steadily increasing. As a result, deep concern over how to remedy the situation is growing among mental health professionals, counselors and scholars in the Muslim community. To help identify the potential causes, there are a few important points to consider as follows:

Spousal Selectivity: In an age where media-fed images and ideals about love and romance often predominate and shape our understanding, many people have become unrealistic in their expectations. To expect your partner to meet a predetermined fixed list of criteria is setting yourself up for major disappointment. There is no such thing as a “perfect” match. While attraction and chemistry is undeniably important, being especially particular about a person’s height, skin color, eye color, hair and bank account is superficial and immature. Compatibility in matters of deen, personality, lifestyle, and future goals are among the most important criteria to look for in a spouse.

“Complete-Me”Confusion: Many people are of the belief that until they are married they are “incomplete.” Expecting someone else to fill an empty void in you is not only unfair to them but also a disservice to yourself. Your aim should be to work hard on becoming a whole person with the hopes that your life partner has done the same making your marriage whole; the union of two “incomplete” people results in a marriage of discord where unfair expectations abound. Furthermore, the prophetic tradition, “When the servant marries, then he has completed half of the deen…” should not be taken out of context to perpetuate this type of thinking. In fact, the second half of the hadith which isn’t quoted as often, “Then let him fear God with regards to the remaining half,”[1] really speaks to the point of how important it is to cultivate and refine oneself before even considering marriage.

Navigate & Network: Marriage, like any other goal in life, is something that requires effort. Unless you’ve relinquished the responsibility over to your parents or someone else and fully accept an arranged situation, you really should navigate your own marriage ship. This can only be achieved with a concerted effort to put yourself in the public eye and let your reputation precede you. The more socially adept you are, the higher your chances of finding someone. In addition to becoming a more active member in your community, make an effort to befriend married couples who can help you in your search. The added benefit from their friendship is that you can observe many things about married life and help further broaden your understanding as well as better define what you are and what you’re not looking for in a spouse.
Source : mentalhealth4muslims.com :’Tired of being single’By Hosai Mojaddidi & Dr. Nafisa Sekandari
[1] Saheeh ul-Jaami no.443

2 Comments to Tired of Being Single?


    Marriage has always been seen as an institution of learning by many people. Am not married so l may lack actual experience of what marriage really is. The higher expectations that couples expect from each other has left the institution undesirable by many people. This has resulted into increasing divorce rates among believers and the like, we need to go back to the realm where marriages were organized by parents as major stake holders in ones life, Love before marriage has contributed greatly to the current situation of the unpredictability of happiness, joy, trust and commitment to one another. We need to have love initiated after marriage so that it last last for ever, rather than establishing it before marriage there by fading after a short while.

  2. Indeed the practice of arranged marriages may have worked well in the past in some communities, where love blossoms after marriage. For some, it is love at first sight and they have lasted in togetherness till the end of their lives. Sometimes, what seemed like true feelings of love may change. Whether love needs to be present first before contemplating marriage, or to hope that love will blossom after marriage is not the main consideration in my opinion. The more fundamental aspect is whether both parties are heading towards the same direction. If both have the same belief, and have the common understanding of what a marriage is in Islam, and are guided by how a couple should be & how they are to treat each other as set out in the AlQuran and sunnah, and if one says the marriage akad meaningfully with his heart..(i.e. marriage in the name of Allah SWT), there would be much more effort, tolerance, and patience going into the marraige to make it work. InsyaAllah…

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