Two BIG Marriage Tips!

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By Pure Matrimony -

Aisha (RA) once asked the prophet SAW, “How much do you love me?” He SAW replied, “I love you like a knot on a rope.” Then she asked him for her own reassurance, “And how is the rope now?” Muhammad SAW said, “The knot is exactly as it is.” Which meant it is still strong and tight. Look at how the prophet SAW described his love for Aisha RA. The Prophet then said to Aisha RA, “By Allah, nothing will harm me in this life when I know that you will be my wife in Paradise.” SubhanAllah! Let’s look deeper into this and see what Islam marriage advice we can retrieve.

The first piece of Islam marriage advice you can take from this is reassurance which women tend to need slightly more than men. You should reassure your spouse that they are appreciated and loved just like the prophet SAW reassured Aisha RA. Even by simply saying ‘Thank You’ to your wife after she cooks you a tasty meal, or by asking how your spouse is feeling after a long day at work. This will reassure them that you care about them and appreciate all the little things they do for you. The second piece of Islam marriage advice from the example of the Holy Prophet is that you should complement your spouse like when Muhammad SAW complements Aisha RA through his description of the knot emphasising his love for her. Allow your spouse to know that they are valued and respected.

This is a succinct piece of Islam marriage advice however very significant. You will be surprised at how these two small tips will boost the overall love in your marriage. It will allow more understanding and willingness in your marriage as you are making each other feel valued, respected and treasured in your relationship. What better example for all you brothers and sisters to follow then that of our beloved Prophet SAW?! If you give love, you will get more love in return, “…And the best of you are those who are best to their wives.” (Thirmidhi)

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