I Want To Join Pure Matrimony BUT…

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By Pure Matrimony -

If you’ve been thinking about registering with Pure Matrimony, but are still on the fence about it, it’s probably because you’ve got some unanswered questions!

Maybe you’re wondering why we don’t allow people to freely view photos, or perhaps you think it’s not safe.

Whatever it is you’re thinking, we want to allay your fears and help you get started as quickly and as easily as possible.

So we put together a podcast of all of the questions you want to know, but haven’t had a chance to ask!

To get your FREE 7 day trial to Pure Matrimony, go to: https://purematrimony.com/podcasting/

4 Comments to I Want To Join Pure Matrimony BUT…

  1. Sinead/Nusaybah

    I would like to embrace Islam but my mother is against it strongly. How do I proceed but prevent her from disowning me at the same time?

    • I’m not sure about this. However I know of a few girls who have embraced islam and still maintaining relationships with their family.
      I’m sure your mother loves you and will begin to love islam when she sees the changes you make to your life through islam. And she will be happy to see you happy in sha allah

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