What does a wife expects from her husband?

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Author: Sabha


There is nothing better than a husband who encourages his wife to follow a dream. When we ask men why do you want to marry, their answers are,

  • It is obligatory for every man and woman to marry,
  • For pleasure…
  • We don’t want to be single,
  • being truthful to our wife,
  • Sharing our life together,
  • Want children,
  • the best relationship in the world,
  • parents force, etc…

How to be the best husband?

A lot of women lament that their man is ignorant, stubborn, doubtful, animalistic behaviour, forceful person, etc.

Wives want their husbands to be happy and charming. Instead, a lot of women gossip and weep to their family members and friends about the husband.

  • Do not lie or insult with qualities your wives have. If you dislike her dressings or cooking, be gentle and honest enough. Like, dear… where you tensed todayis your job hectic… I can see that something is wrong with my darling… she always cooks well… but today I think you have added extra salt to the salad. Instead of asking or yelling like can’t you make a proper food… what do you do in-home the entire day… every time you sit with the phone or novel or laptop… look at me I have reduced my weight because of you… Idiot! Mould your wives qualities in the best manner, speak the truth so it creates a great understanding between you.


  • Life is full of flaws, it is extremist. Marriage life is unexpected and unpredictable. When a girl trusts you and your love, do not let her go.  Help her in every situation though it might be simple. Like, make an omelette and fresh juice… wash your clothes… take her to the hospital if she is sick… help in her task, etc. But do not be ignorant and leave her.


  • The relationship is a partnership but not a dictatorship. So do not impose your decisions on your wife. Allow her to wear/talk, listen to her ideas too. Expose her to the world to make her skills more powerful, make her follow her passions.


  •  If she is sentimental and weak never say like, I knew this might happen but you wanted it so much that’s why I shut my mouth… and see who is weeping… sometimes you are stubborn… instead use these phrases it is okay darling… you are the best… I knew how hard you worked… it happens… for me; you are the best and first… maybe God is not willing to give you… I will help you… let’s go for a long tour.


  • Be a self-oriented husband. If a husband has negative qualities or thinkings, especially doubting his wife. All these qualities make a relationship weak. This will also depress his wife. The husband will never accept his fault but blame his wife.
  • Like where were you yesterday… which shopping complex did you go… I was calling you during lunch but the call was busy… your last seen in WhatsApp shows 12:30… what is your password… instead of doubting her you need to build up, instead use these phrases did you had a good time with your friends… how was your shopping and what did you buy dear… did you had a hectic schedule… Is your boss troubling you… dear can I know your password it is an emergency...


  • A husband should see his wife as equal to him, someone with great strength who has come for shaping him. But he should not feed his ego, validation, emotional crutch, satisfy his needs.


  • A husband should put his efforts into the relationship. Efforts not in the mean of getting married to his work. But dealing with their relationship and solving problems. A husband might think my wife will respect me if I work hard because she might think I’m working hard for her to settle her and give her a luxurious lifestyle. Nope, not all wives think the same. They want the husband to be romantic instead of honing his skill in his work.


  • A wife feels safe being open and honest with husband and is not afraid of him violating that trust or using anything against her. She should trust that you care about her deeply and would never intentionally hurt her. Because trust is important in the relationship, without trust no love and without love no understandings.


  • Every relationship will face its share of obstacles. There will be fights, miscommunications, arguments, and also times when one partner isn’t feeling loved. The only way to emerge from the tough times better and stronger is to work through them together and this starts with open communication.


  • You should always say to your wife together we are a team. Teamwork results in success. You are the leaders for your children, your children are the students and you are the master. So it is not my problem, my life, my job, but it is our problem, our life, our job.


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