What you should know about the 'A-Z of Love & Mercy' course

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By Pure Matrimony -

Marriage is half of your deen, so don’t short-change yourself in this life or the next with the single most important decision you’ll ever make in your life…

Whether you’re single, married or divorced, Al Kauthar’s A-Z of Love & Mercy weekend intensive is exactly what you need.  Covering the fiqh of marriage and divorce, it provides the ‘framework for success’ for all stages of marriage, including before, during and after marriage.  You’ll start your half of the deen secure in the knowledge you’ve done your preparations to make your life on earth as close to heavenly as possible!

If you’re still searching for the ‘one’, the A-Z of Love & Mercy will make you question your readiness for marriage and your approach in finding that special someone.  Islam is based on practicality – the foundation of which is inspired action. Therefore, the course will inspire you to take the necessary steps needed to secure a wonderful life partner, based on the guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah.  As the saying goes, with harakah comes barakah!

Perhaps you’re not considering marriage… but it’s important to understand that marriage is a basic human need.  Just like the body requires food and water, humans need a spouse and companion for the journey of this life and the next. The A-Z of Love & Mercy educates you on the importance of marriage and its benefits such as the preservation of mankind, increasing the Ummah, and creating order out of the chaos we find ourselves in today.

Are you already married?  Congratulations!  However, if you want to know how to spice things up in an Islamic manner (yes that can happen!) then the A-Z of Love & Mercy is the perfect solution to help guide and inspire a more loving, harmonious and connected relationship with your spouse.  If you’re worried about how to find the right partners for your children based on the perfect guidance of the Qur’an and Sunnah, then you’ll learn exactly how to do this during this weekend intensive.



The intensive kicks off by exploring the permissibility and rulings of marriage; what is obligatory, recommended, disliked and prohibited.  Once you have this knowledge, you’ll go onto learn about the essential qualities needed in an ideal spouse. The A-Z of Love & Mercy discusses these in detail and questions the more traditional ways in which marriage compatibility is defined by culture or tradition.  You’ll discuss and think about criteria important to YOU… and may well be shocked or pleasantly surprised by what you discover!

Asking the right questions is key to the entire process.  You’ll learn exactly which questions you SHOULD be asking, and which ones you should definitely NOT!

Even after you have found the ‘one’, how then do you make a proposal in a respectful, Islamic manner? Both consultation and Isthikhara are highly recommended in Islam. It’s important for both the prospective bride and groom to stick to these guidelines during this period. The A-Z of Love & Mercy deals with questions such as: if the man looks at the woman, how many looks are allowed?,  Whether or not it’s permissible for the woman take off her hijab and how long the meeting should last?  Find out all of this and more!

Nikkah is the marriage contract itself, and the components of a marriage contract are covered in detail during the course. For example, how do you make a marriage offer and how do you accept? Which conditions are allowed during the Nikkah? What is the role and responsibility of a Wali, the witnesses and the Mahr?  You’ll discover the key recommendations of what to do during and after the Nikkah in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah. Plus, you’ll learn the rules and regulations of what the Walimah ceremony should entail to ensure your marriage starts off in the best and most blessed way.




The dreaded ‘D’ word (!), but once you understand the legality and rulings of divorce, you’ll feel relaxed and at ease.  Unfortunately, in today’s society, the rulings of divorce seem to be based more on traditions than Islam. The A-Z of Love & Mercy will cover the correct concepts of the fiqh of divorce and will explore core concepts such as why only men have the right to divorce and the reasoning and rulings behind this.

Just like there are pillars of Islam, there are also pillars of divorce. You’ll learn these in detail as well as discussing issues regarding ‘Bi’dah divorces’ and whether or not they are legally binding in Islam.  Various types of divorce are discussed along with what you need to say to make a divorce valid.  The course looks deeply into the Iddah (waiting period) which is prescribed for women, including the various types of Iddah and the rulings which apply to them.

The issue of Khulla (where a woman can seek separation from her husband by asking for annulment of the marriage) is explained carefully including the key pillars, conditions, wording, payment and consequences of Khulla.

Lastly, the A-Z of Love & Mercy covers the rights and principles of custody.  Unfortunately, when a family breaks down, it’s the children that suffer the most. The weekend intensive covers the rights of maintenance and custody as prescribed by Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (SAW), so that the stress and impact on the children and resulting divorce is minimised.

The A-Z of Love & Mercy is designed to inspire, educate, inform and guide you to take positive action in all matters of marriage and divorce. The course is designed to be interactive and fun – so you’ll learn the rights and rulings in an easy to understand manner where each letter of the alphabet relates to a key feature of marriage and divorce. Mash’Allah, previous students have loved this format which serves as a complete guide and reference tool to ensure the most important part of your life with your partner is indeed a deeply fulfilling and happy one.

Prepare to be inspired, amazed and leave the intensive with food for thought and the tools you need to help guide you in making the right decisions for both you and your family. The A-Z of Love & Mercy will change the way you think and feel about marriage and divorce and will Insha’Allah create the perfect platform for a lifetime of happiness in this world and the hereafter!

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  1. Bilkisu Bello

    Assalamu aliekum. Am very eager to be part of the A-Z of marriage but I am not sure how. I had wanted divorce before but now I have a second thought. Thanks to ‘Pure Matrimony’ site. May Allah bless you for ever. Amin

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