Who is our great Father?

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Author: Sabha


Islam the purest and holy religion of the world. A religion where we all follow without any idols. Especially, it is a religion where we haven’t visualize God. Also, no believer in this world can describe Allah. For instance, when Musa Alayhi wa sallam saw the light of Allah he fainted. Similarly, even Prophet Muhammad sallahu Alayhi wa sallam during Mehraj did not saw Allah. Incidentally, only Yusuf Alayhi wa sallam hired the beauty of Allah in small-scale.

Relationship of Ibrahim with 5 pillars

Does Ibrahim Alayhi wa sallam has relationship wit 5 pillars of Islam. Of course, he has a relationship. As a result, we can say that he was the main source for 5 pillars. The five pillars of Islam is Shahadah, Salaah, Zakat, Fasting, lastly Hajj. Let us think like this, it was Ibrahim Alayhi wa sallam who destroyed all idols and declared that Allah is only God. Hence he declared Shadah that Allah is only one God.

So then, the Kabah bait of Allah was constructed by him and his beloved son. Next, salaah he and his son prayed and asked dua in front of Kabah. Zakat[charity] during his lifetime even be offered for people. It is also said that he and his family fasted.

The Safa and Marwa where Hajar ran by Allah’s command. Through that, we get Zam-Zam water most purified water.  In fact, the Arabic language was developed by him qahtan ( قحطان). Qahtan was the tribe who helped Hajar and Ismail Alayhi wa Sallam and their language was Arabic. They were attracted by  Zam- Zam. Because during that the whole Arabian- peninsula was affected by Famine. Afterwards, Ismail learned their language and so Ibrahim.

Stoning of the devil was also processed by Ibrahim Alayhi wa sallam when Sahythan was deflecting. Opposite to that, he threw the stone on Shaytan. Likewise, we are doing this process in Hajj called jamarat. He was ready to sacrifice his life. But still, he was brave because of Allah. He left his family and began to spread the truth about Allah. He was a universal messenger.

His Kindness

He also teaches us to be tender-hearted towards non- Muslims. When Allah sent three angels to destroy the people of Lut Alayhi wa sallam, Ibrahim Alayhi wa sallam stood against Allah. He asked Allah to show some courtesy to those people. Though those people did the very ugliest act still he asked Allah to give them a chance.

In conclusion, we can understand that Ibrahim sprouted religion, Islam. Besides the 5 pillars of Islam was directed by him. The purest language in which the Quran has been revealed was because of him. Zam- Zam water, jamarat, etc.Refer Surah Ibrahim



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